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ZOOT Diego Running Shoe - Women's ZOOT Diego Running Shoe - Women's
The running leg of a tri has never been your favorite part, but it's only worse if you don't train hard for it. When you head out for some grueling tempo runs and brick workouts, grab the Zoot Diego Running Shoe to make sure that your feet feel good, even if the rest of you doesn't. Zoot's known for its featherweight shoes and tri gear, and the Diego's wealth of airy cushioning and seamless mesh uppers live up to the brand's reputation to make it a versatile training or race option. Take the Diego on longer endurance-building runs and you won't be weighed down, or throw a pair of speed laces in and use it to keep pushing the pace through the last leg on race day. Zoot adds a comfortable BareFit internal liner to allow you to skip the blisters when you race sans socks, and shapes the 4mm drop midsole with a subtle rocker profile to encourage a midfoot landing and an effective stride when you're running on tired legs. For durability, a rubber outsole takes the brunt of the abuse from the pavement, allowing the EVA midsole to stay intact longer.
Sale Price: $67.48

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