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UBER Elipse Coat - Women's UBER Elipse Coat - Women's
The Uber Women's Elipse Coat really is the epitome of rain coats that all other garments wish they could aspire to. Its waterproof, breathable construction has higher ratings than most top-notch apparel for skiing, mountaineering, and full-on expeditions. The breathability is exceptionally enhanced so you stay comfier during summer's warmer showers as well as autumn's chillier downpours. The Elipse gains its magnificent waterproofing and ultralight appeal from Uber's UltraSonic welding which applies minimal taping over each seam to prevent any water from seeping through, while still maintaining an ultralight weight of nine ounces. For style, the Elipse fashions a delicate belt to assure a snug, feminine fit. Uber's tailored design maintains a streamlined style while ensures full mobility when you're strolling down the sidewalks. There is a two-way zipper hidden behind discrete Automagnetix magnet fastening to further enhance the Elipse's streamlined style, and the removable hood lets you customize your coverage whenever needed. Even the pockets have a laser cut design to eliminate the bulky look found on most jackets. For safety, the Elipse styles Uber's 360 Degrees Safety to enhance your visibility in lower light.
Sale Price: $419.97
UBER Hera Coat - Women's UBER Hera Coat - Women's
You're going to wear the Uber Women's Hera Coat whether it's raining or not. It matches your business suits too well to leave at home, and its breathable fabric keeps you equally comfy in both cool and warm temperatures. As an Uber piece, the Hera is undoubtedly a master at keeping your work clothes clean and dry for the nine-to-five with potential overtime, and during those lovely rainy days, be sure to flip the collar so you can watch the raindrops fling from your body like a bad deal fleeing your desk.
Sale Price: $224.98
UBER Sphere F3 Coat - Women's UBER Sphere F3 Coat - Women's
Born in Norway, Uber's design philosophy is based on Scandinavian simplicity; clean lines and a modern, technical look that stays in fashion regardless of trends. In its mid-thigh-length Women's Sphere F3 Coat, Uber utilized this philosophy so you look sleek, elegant, and sharp. Good looks are just part of the Sphere F3, though, as this beauty has the same performance capabilities as coats built to tackle mountain peaks in nasty weather. The Sphere F3's Regulator laminated membrane provides impermeable protection against wet and nasty weather while welded reinforcements ensure that you, and whatever is in your pockets, stay dry. Four-way-stretch fabric allows for comfortable mobility whether you're rushing off to a client meeting or window shopping in London on a blustery day. An Automagnetix magnet front placket closure provides some further protection from the elements while discreet reflective icons on the front and back provide safe visibility in low-light conditions. Two interior and two exterior zippered pockets give you plenty of storage options for your essentials.
Sale Price: $419.97

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