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Ortovox Brenta Pant - Women's Ortovox Brenta Pant - Women's
Usually, if a pair of pants are considered durable, they will be made with either a cotton blend or cotton canvas fabric. Instead of using cotton to make its pants durable, which compromises the fabric's breathability and moisture managing properties, Ortovox used a Cordura, nylon, spandex blend to give its Women's Breta Pants the durability, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties you need when you're backpacking, hiking, or climbing. And if that wasn't enough it treated them with a DWR finish to repel light drizzle and threw in a webbing belt to ensure a comfortable fit when you're wearing them under a climbing harness or under a weighed-down backpack.
Sale Price: $89.37
Ortovox Merino Black Sheep Denim Pant - Women's Ortovox Merino Black Sheep Denim Pant - Women's
There's a reason most of us wear denim 90% of the time--it looks good, feels comfortable, and is tough as nails. But when it comes to hiking and climbing, denim is definitely lacking, well, at least it was. Ortovox is changing the denim game with its Women's Merino Black Sheep Denim Pants, which were designed with climbers in mind and are composed of a cotton, merino wool, and elastane blend for bomber durability, awesome stretch, and killer comfort. The addition of a Cordura stretch inseam gusset adds to their overall durability and mobility while smart features like a brush pocket, zippered map pocket, and chalk bag loop make them a solid choice for an evening at the climbing gym or a day at the crag.
Ortovox Pala Pant - Women's Ortovox Pala Pant - Women's
Ortovox's Women's Pala Pants may be tough enough to withstand a clobbering from rock, but their forward-thinking design is anything but ancient and will please most rock climbing modern Homo sapiens. Designed to withstand heavy wear when you're shimmying up granite in the alpine or squeezing up sandstone cracks in the desert, the Palas will handle whatever sort of stone you decide to take them up. Their main fabric is composed of a Cordura, nylon, merino wool blend, offering excellent durability, breathability, and stretch for on-the-wall comfort. The wide waistband fits comfortably under a harness and features adjustable tabs, making quick adjustments to the Pala's fit quick and easy. Ortovox even threw in elastic cinch cuffs, so you can secure them up around your legs when you need to spot those tiny foot holds.
Sale Price: $132.26
Ortovox Pelmo Pant - Women's Ortovox Pelmo Pant - Women's
To reach the peak, you need gear that will withstand the rigors of the high alpine environment while keeping you comfortable as you and your friends enjoy the journey to the top. That's why you packed the Ortovox Women's Pelmo Pants. Engineered to meet the needs of mountain climbers, these pants feature a simple design that cuts back on superfluous details to deliver lightweight performance you can trust. Its lightweight fabric is highly breathable and offers plenty of stretch to keep you comfortable from the aggressive switchbacks you encounter at the beginning of the trail to the scramble to the summit so you and your friends can get that picture you've all been waiting for.
Sale Price: $96.71

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