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ThirtyTwo Binary Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's ThirtyTwo Binary Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's
A little bit of precarious driving conditions never bothered you much, especially considering the fact that you'll be first on the hill thanks to the quick-lacing convenience of the ThirtyTwo Women's Binary Boa Snowboard Boot. Upgraded with a dual Boa closure, the Binary Boa dials in your ideal fit and feel within mere seconds, leaving your friends to dash for first tracks while you load onto first chair with an ear-to-ear grin. This Boa system uses two separate dials to fine-tune the fit over the upper and lower zones independently. Crank both super tight for the utmost in response and stiffness or leave them a bit looser for extra freestyle mobility. Either way, the tightness is customizable with the simple turn of a dial for effortless on-the-fly adjustments. Based off the same award-winning design as the Lashed Boot, the Binary Boa features a versatile mid-level flex that's home anywhere on the mountain, whether that's early-morning tree runs or slushy afternoon park laps. Giving the boot a freestyle-friendly feel, its articulated cuff enhances flex when you're really tweaking out grabs and pressing through the jib park. Inside the boot, the heat-moldable Level 2 liner conforms to the unique contours of each foot with its thermo-moldable Intuition foam. Heat-molding the liner not only improves the boot's fit by customizing it to your individual foot shape, but it also eliminates painful pressure points. Adding to the boot's premium comfort, the Level 2 footbed cushions your feet from harsh landings with its custom-molded EVA, complete with arch support. Rounding out the boot's impressive list of features, the ridiculously light Evolution foam sole smooths out the ride when you're faced with descending two thousand feet of bumped-up snow at the end of a powder day.
Sale Price: $152.47
ThirtyTwo Lashed Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's ThirtyTwo Lashed Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's
As the perennial best-seller in ThirtyTwo's line, the ThirtyTwo Women's Lashed Boa Snowboard Boot provides the quick-lacing convenience and supportive comfort desired by ladies ripping everything from thirty-foot jumps to pow stashes in the trees. The Boa lacing system quickly tightens the entire boot with the quick spin of its dial, eliminating the pesky laces of traditional boots. Not only does this system get you onto the lifts faster than all your friends, but just as importantly, it releases quickly when you're getting ready to drive back home after an epic day of riding. The Lashed Boa is incredibly versatile, courtesy of a mid-level flex that harmoniously balances support with all-day comfort. Articulated flex notches in the boot's shell allow you to tweak out tricks and lay into presses with ease, all without breaking down prematurely over the course of the season. Providing a truly customized fit, the Level 2 Intuition Foam liner molds to the unique contours of your feet as you ride. Integrated J-bars and heel hold pockets (within the liner) prevent unwanted heel lift when you're carving at high speeds. And to ensure a feathery-light feel underfoot, the STI Evolution Foam sole shaves precious weight while absorbing nasty vibration from flat landings and choppy snow conditions.
Sale Price: $142.97
ThirtyTwo Session Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's ThirtyTwo Session Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's
Wide open groomers, secret pow stashes, intense terrain parks--it's all fair game for the ThirtyTwo Women's Session Boa Snowboard Boot. It features a customizable fit system and a medium flex to give it the versatility needed for all-mountain domination. The Boa Tongue Tension system incorporates a Boa system, but unlike other Boa boots, the Session only uses this technology to lock your heel into place. So you still get the tried-and-true fit and feel of traditional lacing, minus the heel lift. The Level 2 Intuition liner is heat-moldable for a custom fit, and a molded EVA insole cushions your feet for all-day comfort. High-density Evolution Foam in the outsole also improves cushioning, and it's much lighter than rubber to reduce weight without sacrificing grip, so you can still bootpack up icy slopes and rocky ridges. An articulated cuff gives you freedom to tweak grabs and boost ollies, while the performance backstay adds drive and power to your heelside turns. In other words, it's perfect for intermediate-to-advanced riders who don't want to compromise freedom in the park for support on the rest of the mountain.
Sale Price: $209.96
ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's
Comfort and convenience is the name of the game for the ThirtyTwo Women's STW Boa Snowboard Boot. This soft-flexing boot delivers out-of-the-box comfort and delivers an easy-to-control feel so you can lap the mountain with a smile on your face from first chair to last.Boa lacing makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit in seconds, and it won't slip throughout the day so you can keep lapping until your legs give out. The heat-moldable Level 1 liner ensures a comfy custom fit, and it has a soft flex for a highly controllable feel. A Sherpa fleece lining on the supportive Level 1 footbed adds plush warmth, and the STI Evolution outsole is lightweight and cushy so you don't feel like you're wearing ski boots.
Sale Price: $139.96

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