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Dagger Jitsu 5.5 Kayak Dagger Jitsu 5.5 Kayak
On land you're barely able to put one foot in front of the other without suffering some form of road rash. Yet on churning water, turbulent with foamy white finishes, you're more nimble than a world-class gymnast. The Dagger Jitsu 5. 5 Kayak is a short and sweet piece of pure fun for your on-water acrobatics. Spin through rapids and cartwheel down waterfalls, all while enjoying smooth acceleration as you make your way serenely through the flats toward the next section of tumultuous swirls and sick holes. Rotomolded polyethylene is sculpted to fill out the unique rocker profile that helps to make this boat so much fun. The double-edge design combines the nonchalant flippability of a creek boat with the speed of a longer, tour-oriented boat. The majority of the volume centers around the cockpit, with the remainder fairly evenly divided between stern and bow. Experienced paddlers won't have issues with control whether standing on end, rolling through roiling water, or throwing rodeo-quality loops. In the ConTour outfitting system, the seat rail is welded to the boat itself, making it easy to transfer power from each stroke and movement to the Jitsu for stellar on-water performance. The hip braces adjust with removable pads, and a ratcheted back support lets you customize the cockpit for as tight or loose a fit as you need. Foam footrests adjust easily so you can tailor the length for the right amount of bracing power and to alleviate and prevent foot numbness. One of the loosest hulls on the market today, the Jitsu appeals to park-and-play enthusiasts, freestyle competitors, and those who just enjoy paddling big waves and sick holes.
Sale Price: $790.30
Dagger Mamba 7.6 Kayak Dagger Mamba 7.6 Kayak
Until recently, you bemoaned your recent relocation to the mid-Atlantic area as it lacks the extreme steep and deep to which you grew accustomed when you were living in the mountains. Then you learned about whitewater kayaking. Always being a bit economical, you sprung for the Dagger Mamba 7. 6 Kayak so the boat you learn in will also be the boat you use to dominate Class IV+ rapids. Froth is no longer for your lattes--roiling eddies and churning water through skinny chutes give you a bigger rush than a double shot of espresso. The planing hull is a flat, smooth surface so your first attempt to sit down doesn't result with you sitting in the drink. Once you're seated and on the water, the kayak's flat bottom and sharp edge transition means you'll have to put a little muscle into making the Mamba get a little edgy. As your paddling prowess increases, the smooth transition to the tail rocker gives you the ability to set an edge and take a tight line to hit the whites dead-on. Added volume in the stern floats you higher and more evenly from bow to stern. The rockered bow helps the boat rise up and over objects while being responsive to your every stroke. The peak deck sheds water so the bow rocker isn't a total waste, and the boat stays on the water surface. Contour Ergo Outfitting gives you a custom fit without the custom-boat price tag. With crisp boat reaction and a lightening-fast shape, the Mamba makes entry-level paddlers feel right at home and gives experienced boaters the tools to push themselves.
Sale Price: $899.25

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