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Diadora NJ-303+2 Shoes - Women's Diadora NJ-303+2 Shoes - Women's
You've gotten tired of stepping gingerly up to the podium on wobbly legs to accept your awards post-race, still in your cycling shoes, and you know you should show up to races in something a little more supportive than your five year-old flip flops. Lightweight and soft, Diadora's NJ-303+2 Women's Shoes make an easy, comfortable choice to wear while you're getting set up and waiting before a race, as well as afterwards, when your feet have worked hard and are ready for a rest. If you're starting to dip a few toes into the world of triathlon, the NJ-303+2 also make a great shoe to pull on for your run leg. Not as firm and unforgiving as race flats, but still competitively light, the shoes are made with minimal Suprellsoft and nylon mesh uppers to allow for plenty of airflow and breathability, and are complete with a perforated, water-repellent insole that anticipates a variety of race conditions. The springy EVA midsole also includes a built-in waterproof membrane, and on the outsole, high-density rubber protects the shoe from premature wearing, making the NJ-303+2 a versatile, reliable option.
Sale Price: $44.47
Louis Garneau Tri X-lite Shoes Louis Garneau Tri X-lite Shoes
A successful triathlon requires a whole lot of moving parts to work together smoothly, so the less you have to worry about, the better off you'll be. Streamlining your gear is the best way to do that, and the Louis Garneau Tri X-Lite Men's Shoes are a sleek, light, and super comfortable way to make your tri setup faster, easier, and better. While designing the X-Lite, Garneau placed a premium on ventilation, because sweaty feet can cause run-sabotaging blisters. The upper is made of sandwich mesh, which wicks moisture and molds to your feet for ultimate comfort. A Coolmax Ergo Air footbed increases the efficiency of the shoe's moisture management, and even the Ergo Air carbon composite sole is ventilated, so it's cool and airy as well as powerful. Foot slop is the other ingredient in blister creation, but the X-Lite fights it off with a bomber heel retention system and single oversized hook-and-loop strap that controls the volume of the shoe. A pull loop at the heel makes it easy to get your shoe on when you're blasting through T1, and internal puller cord lets you set your bike up with the shoes in a horizontal position, so they're easier to slip on when you get out of the water.
Sale Price: $132.96
Louis Garneau Tri-400 Shoes - Women's Louis Garneau Tri-400 Shoes - Women's
Humanity has a rich history of causing pain and suffering in complex ways, but triathlons have to be one of the more convoluted and exquisite methods we've devised, particularly for your feet. As it turns out, though, performance and pain don't have to go together, so Louis Garneau designed the Tri-400 Women's Cycling Shoes to offer a combination of comfort, power, and low weight that'll have you ripping across the line without sacrificing your feet. Comfort and power start with the fit, which the Tri-400 dials in using a combination of a BOA IP1 closure and a reverse Power Flex hook-and-loop strap. BOA provides an infinitely adjustable and pressure-point-free fit, and the Power Flex passes from the outside of your foot to the inside, locking your foot in place and allowing easy adjustment while you're in the saddle. At the heel, Garneau's HRS-400 membrane features a thin, one-way neoprene membrane that lets your foot slip in but doesn't let it slide out, and the Ice Fill Ergo Air ventilated footbed works with the shoe's air channels and partial mesh upper to keep your feet cool and dry. Ice Fill is also antimicrobial, so your shoes won't take on unpleasant odors while you pile on the miles. To be an effective race shoe, comfort has to go hand-in-hand with power and low weight. In the Tri-400, the Carbon Composite HM X-Lite outsole is rigid, thin (just 4. 3mm), and ultra-light, giving you a pedaling platform that doesn't waste any of your energy output. The rigid microfiber upper helps eliminate flex and wasted energy, too, so you can conserve more energy for the run.
Sale Price: $227.46
Mavic Cosmic Elite Tri Shoes - Men's Mavic Cosmic Elite Tri Shoes - Men's
With a claimed weigh that concedes a mere 55g per shoe its more expensive stablemate, the Mavic men's Cosmic Elite Tri Shoes are more than equal to the demands of any self-supported triathlete who spends most of the summer with faint race numbers scrawled on their calves and arms. They feature a wide opening that slips on with the aid of a heel loop and secures with Mavic's oversized Ergo Tri Strap, a design meant to drop precious seconds from transition. The big difference between the two triathlon models in Mavic's line lies in the sole. The Cosmic Elite Tri features a nylon outsole that's reinforced with fiberglass, surrendering stiffness to the Ultimate Tri's full carbon sole but also providing a bit of engineered flex to help soften the miles in the saddle and ease the awkwardness of transitions. Despite the difference in the sole, the Elite features the same padded, removable, anti-odor insole as the Ultimate. We think the different outsole materials used in the Elite and the Ultimate are also responsible for the above mentioned weight difference for a few reasons. First, carbon is lighter; second, carbon is stronger, so Mavic is able to completely excavate significant portions of material, increasing airflow and further decreasing weight; third, the Elite Tri's stack height (7. 5mm) is 2mm higher than the Ultimate's -- a dimensional difference that we once again attribute to carbon requiring less material to maintain structural integrity.
Sale Price: $104.96
Northwave Extreme Triathlon Shoes - Men's Northwave Extreme Triathlon Shoes - Men's
Northwave approached the design of its Extreme Triathlon Shoes with a threefold ideology. First, the shoes must be comfortable. Secondly, its closure system needs to support a speedy T1. And lastly, the shoes need to perform under pressure. And although these requirements seem rudimentary, we ask, when was the last time that you wore a shoe that succeeded in all of the above' The Extreme Triathlon shoes adopted the same top-tier technology found in Northwave's road line, its Ultralight Carbon design. This features Northwave's finest carbon fiber in order to provide maximum rigidity. And when coupled with its feathery 60 grams of overall weight and extremely low stack height, your power transfer experiences a minimal loss of energy. Additionally, the outsole features Northwave's Airflow System, where there are three ventilation ports fore and aft on the sole. So, cool air will flow over the foot, keeping you cool and controlled on race day. Further along the lines of comfort, the Extreme Triathlon shoes features Northwave's new Biomap technology. Basically, this design extends to all aspects of the shoe, making its every feature an anatomically designed masterpiece. For the uppers, Biomap entails a seamless design that eliminates abrasion against the skin -- Northwave understands that the shoes will be raced without socks. The principle effect of which leads to a level of comfort that almost feels custom, and by maintaining a proper foot position, a direct transmission of power. Additionally, you'll find that the Extreme Triathlon shoes make use of Northwave's Extreme Air Footbed. This footbed has been specifically designed to be worn with the Ultralight Carbon outsole. Why' Because it has numerous vents that directly correspond to the aforementioned ventilation ports in the outsole. So, airflow doesn't simply stop at the footbed, it continues over the entire foot. Also, Northwave designed the footbed to be anallergic and antibacterial. This way, germs and stink...
Sale Price: $149.97
Sidi T3.6 Men's Shoes Sidi T3.6 Men's Shoes
If you've ever raced a triathlon wearing traditional cycling shoes, you know that trying to adjust multiple straps while balancing on your bike isn't always easy. Sidi's T3. 6 Shoes make your transitions faster, while also giving you the on-the-bike power transfer you crave. Rather than using its ratcheting Ergo buckle system, Sidi opted for a simple two-strap, hook-and-loop system to secure the Lucido synthetic leather uppers. The system is a "burrito-wrap," meaning that one layer wraps into the other, creating a near seamless inside. This style, combined with the wide straps, hugs your feet to give you that second skin feel, which is optimal for triathletes who prefer going sockless on the bike. A rear heel pull tab helps to pull your shoes on fast so you don't lose valuable seconds in transition. The uppers are placed on Sidi's Eleven Carbon Composite Sole, which is a stiff and light 3K carbon fiber weave that is inset into a carbon nylon matrix.
Sale Price: $87.49

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