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Aqua-Bound Surge Telescoping Ferrule Paddle Aqua-Bound Surge Telescoping Ferrule Paddle
Feel the surge of anticipation course through your veins as you open the box containing your brand-new Aqua-Bound Surge Telescoping Ferrule Paddle. After touring with tank-like paddles, you'll be amazed how good your hands, shoulders, and torso feel after a full day on the water with the skinniest blade in the Performance series from Aqua-Bound. The shaft material resembles marathon runners: super lightweight and incredibly strong. Ovalized to better fit the natural shape of your hand, this paddle will help you slice through the water whether you're touring the sea caves along the Apostle Island National Lakeshore or taking your sit-on-top fishing along the St. Croix river. T-700 Carbon, the same material used on some jets, keeps the shaft light and incredibly durable. While this shaft only comes in the ovalized, regular size, most small-handed paddlers won't be at a disadvantage. In fact, they'll feel in complete control. Ultra-stiff and crazy light, the multi-laminate fiberglass blades let you put the pedal to the paddle and click off the nautical miles towards your destination. The dihedral shape improves paddling efficiency and eliminates most, if not all, flutter--even when you're racing across glass-like lakes or powering through a bit of heavy lake chop. The telescoping ferrule system gives you choice of 0 or 60 degrees of feather, right or left. In addition, you have the ability to extend your paddle by 15cm. Make it longer for that fishing trip, or keep it tight for a day on the open water in your touring boat. Between the adjustable length shaft and the feather angle option, you'll be comfortable slipping in some low-angle strokes so not as to disturb the fish, or powering through the chop (or racing your mate) with some vicious high-angle motion.
Sale Price: $191.72
Aqua-Bound Swell 2-Piece Carbon Paddle - Straight Shaft Aqua-Bound Swell 2-Piece Carbon Paddle - Straight Shaft
Dip the two-piece Aqua-Bound Swell Carbon Paddle into the water, and experience the weight difference of a carbon shaft and paddling power of a lengthened composite blade. Gone are the days of paddles with heavy materials and inefficient blade shape that waste your energy by fluttering around when you need to move. This responsive design has a smooth, forgiving feel for recreational paddlers along with a low-angle style and a powerful push to satisfy experienced boaters with a more technical stroke.
Sale Price: $262.46
AT Paddles Oracle Glass Paddle - Straight Shaft AT Paddles Oracle Glass Paddle - Straight Shaft
Adventure Technology's Oracle Glass Paddle is a great option for kayak tours in Baja or Lake Powell, but also a good choice for high-volume river trips--like various sections of the Colorado--where you'll have miles of flat water to paddle in between the big drops. Great for feathering and strong, aggressive strokes, the Oracle's fiberglass blade is lightweight and fairly stiff, which is a great combination for bracing through a violent hydraulic or ruddering through vicious ocean currents.
Sale Price: $178.75
Bending Branches Ace Angler Carbon Paddle - Straight Shaft Bending Branches Ace Angler Carbon Paddle - Straight Shaft
Sometimes the fish are jumping, but not near you, so you have to book to the hot spot; power there with the light yet durable Bending Branches Ace Angler Carbon Paddle. And if you get in a tight spot or settle down in a wide-open area, the carbon shaft comes apart, so there's no unwieldiness or fish-disturbing whiffing action.
Sale Price: $171.96
Werner Ovation 2-Piece Paddle - Bent Shaft Werner Ovation 2-Piece Paddle - Bent Shaft
Lightweight, buoyant, and easy on the wrists, Werner's Ovation Two-Piece Paddle is a dream to paddle flat water and mellow rivers with thanks to its full carbon construction. This low angle touring paddle features a carbon shaft for a lightweight, performance-oriented feel and is fitted with lightweight carbon blades for a stiff and efficient dig with each stroke. Paddlers looking for a more rugged non-carbon whitewater paddle that will take a serious beating should check out the Kalliste paddle, which has a similar feel to the Ovation, but with a more bomber whitewater construction.The neutral bent shaft of the Ovation provides better hand and wrist alignment to reduce fatigue and strain after a long day of paddling. Another major benefit of the neutral bent shaft is it has a similar feel to a straight shaft, eliminating the learning curve for folks switching over from a more traditional straight shaft. This particular version of the Ovation comes in a two-piece design and is fitted with Werner's Smart View Adjustable ferrule, making the paddle easier to store and travel with, but also giving it that same simple, streamlined feel of one-piece paddle. The adjustable ferrule even allows paddlers to adjust the feather angle on the paddle to accommodate different paddling styles. The mid-sized blade is suitable for the widest range of paddlers, while its dihedral blade shape allows water to flow around the paddle for a more smooth and stable forward paddling feel.
Sale Price: $427.46

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