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VSSL Cache VSSL Cache
When it comes to tactical versatility, the VSSL Cache knows a thing or two. Constructed using a durable, weather-resistant anodized aluminum, the Cache is able to hold up to nine VSSL tins (which are not included), while the included compass offers navigational assistance should you require it. Additionally, the Cache features a flashlight function, which touts two modes: a SOS and static, which allows you to illuminate large areas. So whether you're backpacking or road tripping by car, the Cache offers versatility and adaptability that's as hard-wearing as you are.
VSSL Supplies Cache VSSL Supplies Cache
No morning is complete without a hot cup of coffee and an excursion into the woods or road trip with family or friends is no different--just, replace the coffee with the VSSL Supplies Cache. Ideal for leaving in your car or bringing on short backpacking trips, this supplies kit is equipped with all the gear you need for brief trips. The Supplies Cache itself consists of a durable, anodized aluminum which provides safe keeping for the contents inside. However, the Supplies Cache isn't just a pretty face--the Cache also doubles as a water-resistant flashlight and is outfitted with a LED flood beam for a wide berth of illumination. The flashlight has a dual-mode setting, static or SOS, which furthers the Cache's versatility. In terms of its contents, this vessel contains a compass, candle, razor blade, water purification tablets, wire saw, whistle, waterproof matches, fire starters, fishing gear, mirror, rope, trail markers, can opener, and first aid supplies. In addition to the survival gear, the Cache has a detailed, pint-sized pamphlet that offers survival instructions and priorities, per VSSL's suggestions. So whether you're taking the trail or the road, the Supplies Cache ensures you stay well-equipped, no matter what happens.

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