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K2 Snowboards Aspect Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's K2 Snowboards Aspect Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's
With integrated heel welts, a leather upper, insanely grippy Vibram outsole, and a bevy of other features, the K2 Snowboards Men's Aspect Snowboard Boot is designed to keep your feet happy and secure through long days spent in the backcountry. Unlike any other boot out there, the Aspect is designed to breeze through the most technical situations, when you've got your crampons on, axe in hand, and you're about to take on the last pitch for untouched big-mountain glory. A rugged, waterproof leather upper and traditional laces make up the exterior of the Aspect for reliable protection and a fit that you dial the old-fashioned way, while the thermo-moldable Intuition Pro Foam 3D liner with a Boa Conda lacing system conforms to the natural shape of your foot and locks you in quickly without having to mess with internal laces. To further overall stiffness, response, and support, the ENDO urethane skeleton construction provides a precise, engineered flex that stays consistent from day one through the life of the boot, while adding a lively, energetic feel that reduces fatigue on demanding days. Internal and external J-bars lock down your heel to help prevent heel lift when dialing your turns in no-fall zones is of the utmost importance, and the 3D-formed dual density EVA footbed absorbs harsh impacts from dropping huge cliffs and navigating choppy terrain. Specifically designed for boarders who mountaineer to access their lines, the Vibram Mountaineer rubber outsole has a traditional lug design and is crampon-compatible to safely get you to the top of technical ascents.
Sale Price: $449.95
K2 Snowboards Contour Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's K2 Snowboards Contour Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's
Designed for the rider that logs over 100 days every season, the K2 Women's Contour Boa Snowboard Boot is built with a supportive flex that doesn't break down half-way through winter. Offering a medium-stiff flex, the Contour Boa loves nothing more than charging steep alpine faces, slashing fresh snow in the trees, and sending cliffs with style. Because it's home riding the steep and deep, you'll find a Vibram Pro-Light sole for aggressive grip when you're hiking for fresh lines. The Boa H3 Coiler lacing system precisely tightens the boot's shell, cranking down security and support with the quick twist of a dial. Besides being ridiculously easy to operate, this lacing dial quickly releases, allowing you to kick off the boot without fumbling with laces. Adding to its adjustability, Boa Conda tightens the liner, preventing heel lift when you're charging at high speeds. Ultimately, this double Boa closure gives you a micro-adjustable fit tailored to your riding style and local terrain. What good are responsive boots if your feet are cramped and miserable' Realizing this, K2 loaded the Contour Boa with a plush, foot-conforming Intuition Comfort Foam 3D liner. This liner is heat-moldable, meaning it conforms to the individual contours of your feet as you ride throughout the season. Internal J-bars clutch your ankle inside the liner, preventing your heel from lifting during toeside turns. Additionally, the 3D-formed EVA footbed offers an impact-absorbing oasis for tired feet.
Sale Price: $299.95
K2 Snowboards Thraxis Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's K2 Snowboards Thraxis Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's
Stiff enough for serious freeride enthusiasts, the K2 Men's Thraxis Boa Snowboard Boot serves up high levels of energy transfer desired by hard-charging riders looking to straight-line steeps, carve with precision, and ride faster than anyone on the mountain. The Thraxis is more adjustable than virtually any boot on the market thanks to the three separate Boa dials that give you complete control over the shell's upper and lower zones, as well as the boot's internal lacing. The H3 Boa Focus system delivers dual-zone tightening for dialing in your ideal fit over the upper and lower zones. Controlling the Thraxis' internal lacing, K2's patented Boa Conda is threaded through a floating tongue guide to comfortably lock down your ankle and prevent your heel from lifting. The boot's Intuition Comfort Foam 3D liner is fully heat moldable for a truly custom fit without pressure points, while moldable internal J-bars lock-down your heel to prevent unwanted lift or excess movement within the boot. The dual-density EVA footbed cushions the blow of heavy landings with its supportive, dampening powers. And because the Thraxis is meant for hardcore use and abuse, K2 engineered it with an Endo urethane exoskeleton that resists breakdown and retains flex better than traditional stitch-and-glue construction.
Sale Price: $419.95
ThirtyTwo TM-Two XLT Snowboard Boot - Men's ThirtyTwo TM-Two XLT Snowboard Boot - Men's
Reinforced with a Vibram sole and rubber toe cap, the ThirtyTwo Men's TM-Two XLT Snowboard Boot delivers the highly responsive feel and aggressive traction desired by riders charging pro-sized parks and big-mountain lines. Its classic lace-up design gives riders the control to cinch down the boot tightly, with a tongue tension system preventing unwanted heel lift on high-speed carves. The boot's articulated cuff preserves its shape over time, preventing shell distortion by fluidly flexing, making it extra supportive for charging hard. The rubber toe cap prevents excess wear, especially when you're ratcheting down your binding's toe strap. Blissfully conforming to your feet, the Level 3 Intuition Foam liner offers a precise fit with an internal harness that cinches tightly to prevent excess foot movement. There's a Dual Power Wrap closure atop the liner, which tightens down for maximum security. And because it's meant for icy walks across the resort lot and demanding boot-packs above treeline, the rugged Vibram sole has hiking-specific traction, alongside a heel welt for use with crampons on backcountry missions.
Sale Price: $349.25

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