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Oakley Mod 3 Helmet Oakley Mod 3 Helmet
Just because you consider yourself an old-schooler doesn't mean you should be a knucklehead--get smart with the Oakley Mod 3 Helmet. Designed with a clean and simple aesthetic, this helmet features a lightweight in-mold construction backed by MIPS technology to reduce brain injury caused by rotational motion. You might not ever admit it, but you'll love the comfort and warmth provided by the removable liner and no-pressure ear cups. The Boa fit system offers a fully adjustable design for a personalized fit, while the Fidlock magnetic buckle lets you secure your helmet quickly with or without gloves. The Modular Brim System allows air to flow unobstructed through the brim ventilation for active cooling that provides better anti-fog performance.
Oakley Mod 3 MIPS Helmet Oakley Mod 3 MIPS Helmet
Considering how important your brain is for every part of your life, there's no reason to skimp on head protection when you can have the customizable comfort and superior protection of the Oakley Mod 3 MIPS Helmet at your disposal. A Boa fit system and lightweight In-Mold construction ensures all-day comfort on the slopes, and the MIPS system reduces brain damage from the types of injuries likely to be sustained from skiing. High-speed head injuries incurred from skiing and snowboarding tend to be angled impacts that traditional helmets don't do a great job of addressing. The MIPS system uses a Low Friction Liner to create a slip plane which enables relative motion between the head and helmet in order to reduce rotational forces to the brain. Essentially, this is an effective way of minimizing brain trauma, should an accident happen.
Oakley Mod 5 Helmet Oakley Mod 5 Helmet
Without a well-functioning noggin, picking a clean line through technical terrain is pretty much rendered obsolete. So do your due diligence and protect your melon with the Oakley Mod 5 Helmet. Not only is the Mod 5 stylish as all heck, but it features a hybrid shell construction that ensures it stays lightweight without skimping on protection. Additionally, the the Modular Brim System ensures that no matter what goggles you pair with it, you won't look like a grade A gaper, while the Adjustable Venting ensures customized comfort. And speaking of customization, the liner and ear pads are fully removable and washable, which is bound to come in handy on those warmer spring days. Not to mention, the Boa dial provides a personalized, fine-tuned fit, so your helmet isn't sloshing around like a rogue child going bee-lining it through the moguls.
Oakley Mod 5 MIPS Helmet Oakley Mod 5 MIPS Helmet
Obsessively refined for your skiing and riding pleasure, the Oakley Mod 5 MIPS Helmet spares no detail when it comes to functional protection, low-profile style, and lightweight comfort. The Mod 5's defining feature is the Modular Brim System, which offers the ability to swap between small and large brims for a flush fit with your favorite goggles. Not only does this eliminate the dreaded "gaper gap," but more importantly, it seamlessly channels hot air through the integrated goggle/helmet ventilation system to prevent condensation from obscuring your vision. Oakley aimed to reduce as much weight as possible in the design of the Mod 5, but without sacrificing protection for skiers and riders putting it all on the line. The answer to these seemingly contradictory concepts is a hybrid shell construction, complete with ABS thermoplastic along the front and an In-mold EPS shell in the rear. The ABS shell increases protection where it's needed most by strategically reinforcing high-impact zones along the temples and top of the head. This particular version sports an elastomeric MIPS liner for extra protection in the case of an angular impact on the mountain. This system aims to reduce the rotational velocity exerted on the brain by creating a slip plane inside the helmet, allowing the helmet to rotate independently for increased impact dispersion. MIPS is quickly becoming a staple in helmet technology, considering that most falls don't occur head-on, instead happening off-balance. Not content on being merely a protective piece, the Mod 5 is stunningly stylish and super comfortable when you're riding for hours at a time. The adjustable venting system is easy to fine-tune, even when you're rocking gloves or mittens. 270o Boa fit adjustment precisely tightens to your head with its quick-turn dial, resulting in a secure fit without pressure points. Pressure-free, removable ear pads allow for customizable comfort, depending on the riding season and conditions outside. R...

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