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Salomon Bonatti WP Pant - Men's Salomon Bonatti WP Pant - Men's
When you started your run, it was beautifully sunny out and the temperature was just right, but now that you're almost to the ridgeline you can see clouds starting to peak over the mountain top and the storm they're bringing with them. Luckily, you keep the Salomon Men's Bonatti WP Pants tucked in your pack for moments exactly like this.The Bonatti's 2. 5-layer shell comes equipped with AdvancedSkin Dry Technology to protect you against the sharp winds and pouring rain. But unlike other windproof pants that restrict your movement with stiff waistbands and crunchy fabric, these pants are built with an elastic waistband, a flexible back insert, and zippers at the bottom leg to easily take them on and off. And when you've outrun the storm, you can fold them back into the internal stow pocket and pack them away for another day.
Salomon Fast Wing Mid 1/2-Zip Shirt - Long-Sleeve - Men's Salomon Fast Wing Mid 1/2-Zip Shirt - Long-Sleeve - Men's
Whether you're just emerging into the running scene or you've been around for decades, Salomon's Fast Wing Mid 1/2-Zip Shirt for Men is an all-around crowd pleaser. Perfect for year-round use, this long-sleeve shirt has just the right amount of thickness to wear by itself on summer runs through the mountains or underneath a jacket on your laps through the neighborhood before the forecasted snow hits. Although intimidating at first, its form-fitting closeness is good for two things: efficiently wicking moisture away to keep you dry and circulating fresh air around your body as it stretches with your movements. Because, as you probably know, the more comfortable you are on your run, the farther you'll go.
Salomon XA Cap Salomon XA Cap
A hospitable hideout for your head, the Salomon XA Cap keeps the sun from frying your noggin as you blast down your favorite trail in sweltering heat. Rated at UPF 50, this running cap offers proven protection from searing-hot sunshine on mid-summer days. Lightweight polyester fabric actively wicks moisture to promote evaporative cooling, with built-in ventilation panels for an airy-cool feel. Furthermore, you'll find a hook-and-loop rear strap for a secure fit when you're running at full speed.

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