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Burton Wheelie Cargo 60L Rolling Gear Bag Burton Wheelie Cargo 60L Rolling Gear Bag
The Burton Wheelie Cargo Rolling Gear Bag is a great in-between option for those trips when a carry-on won't cut it, but you don't want to haul around a bag the size of a coffin. Whether it's a gear-intensive winter weekend snowboard trip or a ten-day summer vacation to Europe, it has plenty of room for all the clothes you need and is packed with features designed to make going to the airport and getting around in foreign locales easier. Made from tough polyester dobby, this bag has a clamshell-style opening, and features two main zippered compartments that provide plenty of room to store everything you need for your epic adventures while also allowing you to separate your dirty underwear from your clean shirts. It also features CRAM zones, which expand to allow for extra capacity in case you pick up a few souvenirs along the way. A telescoping handle and Ixion skateboard wheels make it easy to haul around with you through crowded airports and unfamiliar streets.
Sale Price: $188.96
Burton Wheelie Double Deck 86L Rolling Gear Bag Burton Wheelie Double Deck 86L Rolling Gear Bag
Built to carry two weeks' worth of gear for your team's endless travel schedule, the Burton Wheelie Double Deck Rolling Gear Bag is a beastly gear swallower. Stuff your shredding baselayers and socks and your apres-ride clothes inside--the stretch Cram zippers and 92-liter capacity can take it. Since this bag opens into two separate compartments, it's a bit easier to keep your gear organized, and there's even a removable duffel bag included for souvenirs. Since you have to get this guy from Point A to B outside of the airport, the Ixion skate wheels roll smoothly and reliably down the road and up to the lodge. Should you need to carry more gear, you can drag multiple bags at once with the SnakeStack external backpack attachment.
Sale Price: $224.96
DAKINE Sherpa 60L Rolling Gear Bag DAKINE Sherpa 60L Rolling Gear Bag
If you wake up one more time to find your sugar-frosted cinnamon wheat nuggets are gone, you're going to stuff your little brother into the Dakine Sherpa 60L Roller Bag and ship him to the North Pole. That'd be a shame, because then you'd have to replace the Sherpa's bomber construction, retractable handle, and replaceable wheels, which are all part of what makes the Sherpa such a reliable travel companion. Compression straps cinch down your load (or stop lil' bro from squirming around and causing people to ask uncomfortable questions), and the zip-away backpack straps make it easy to manually deliver that cereal-stealing shrimp to wherever you think is most desolate.
Sale Price: $134.97
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior AWD 26in Rolling Gear Bag Eagle Creek Gear Warrior AWD 26in Rolling Gear Bag
Go with the Eagle Creek Gear Warrior AWD 26 Rolling Gear Bag when you need luggage as tough and travel-tested as you are. This versatile bag was thoughtfully designed to help it handle everything from multi-country tours through Europe to expeditions in Asia. Exo-Skeleton seamless composite fabrication strategically strengthens high-wear points for maximum durability, and Hypalon reinforcements add extra protection where it's needed most. Geo Ripstop and Helix fabrics repel water when you get caught in the rain while trying to find your hostel. It also sports a lightweight anodized aluminum handle that won't quit on you halfway through your journey. As for getting around, the rugged 360-degree Dynamic Spin Wheels roll effortlessly over cobblestone streets and dirt roads alike. Compression straps help you cram everything in after you've collected a few souvenirs, and if that's not enough, the main compartment is expandable for extra storage. There's also a Stowable Equipment Keeper that attaches additional gear to the top of the bag, such as spare layers or a rain jacket.
Sale Price: $254.15
Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Carry-On 28in Wheeled Duffel Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Carry-On 28in Wheeled Duffel
You're going on this trip regardless, and the Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Rolling Carry-On Duffel is damned sure going to be right there with you. Small enough to take as a carry on and spacious enough to keep you well-appointed for your whole trip, the Flatbed is perfect no matter where you're heading, with water-resistant and tough Bi-Tech fabric, external compression straps, and an internal mesh organizer pocket to keep you on your travel game. Running a little late' No worries, because the Flatbed's collapsible handle and heavy-duty wheels make it easy to cruise through the airport at top speed, and the lockable zippers ensure that it won't flop open and leave a trail of socks from security all the way to gate B99.
Sale Price: $170.00
Evoc Rover 40L Trolley Bag Evoc Rover 40L Trolley Bag
Ditch your ordinary, hum-drum routine for the excitement of fresh locales and faraway places with the Evoc Rover Trolley Bag. This 40-liter rolling bag is sized just right for weekend escapes, easily carrying everything you need for multi-day exploration of beach towns, urban areas, and mountain villages alike. There's an external-access pocket for quickly grabbing and stashing items on the run, as well as dedicated pockets for your business cards and cellphone. Smooth-rolling skateboard wheels and a telescopic handle make easy work of navigating bustling airport terminals and bumpy streets. It even features a stabilizing bar for standing it upright without it tipping over at the baggage counter or airport restaurant. And because you'll be racking up the airline miles with this trusty bag, its reinforced bottom is both scratch and tear-resistant.
Sale Price: $169.96
Evoc Rover 80L Trolley Bag Evoc Rover 80L Trolley Bag
Now, packing for a two-week getaway of your cycling dreams to Italy can be daunting in and of itself. However, the Evoc Rover Trolly Bag is designed to accommodate 4881-cubic inches worth of gear, clothes, and random other necessities--which means you're able to pack all of the necessities, and maybe some frivolous items as well. Boasting a tough exterior, the Rover features smooth-rolling, silent wheels that are fully replaceable should things in Italy really take a toll, while the extendable handle makes it easy to navigate tight airports, cobblestone pathways, and train stations alike. Not to mention, the compression straps and padded internal partition keep a lock and key on your gear so you don't have to worry about mixing your tomatoes with your wine, per se.
Sale Price: $212.46
Herschel Supply Highland 34L Rolling Gear Bag Herschel Supply Highland 34L Rolling Gear Bag
When you're torn between trying to cram everything you need for the weekend in your backpack and coughing up 50 bucks and waiting an extra half-hour to check a suitcase, you should know there's a better way. The Herschel Supply Highland Rolling Gear Bag is more spacious than your pack yet meets the carry-on luggage size requirements for all major airlines, so you can save yourself some time, money, and frustration.The large main compartment provides room for your clothes and has internal mesh pockets with neoprene added for durability to help you keep your stuff organized. A retractable handle and four multi-direction wheels with independent 360-degree rotation makes navigating your way through the airport a breeze.
Sale Price: $97.49
Mountain Hardwear Juggernaut 115 Roller Bag - 7020cu in Mountain Hardwear Juggernaut 115 Roller Bag - 7020cu in
If you've ever tried to drag 100 pounds of gear through the airport, then you know why Mountain Hardwear made the Juggernaut 115 a rolling gear bag instead of a traditional duffel. When you load up all 7000cu inches of cargo space, you're definitely not going to want to carry this bag. Of course, it has to get to where you're going, so Mountain Hardwear gave it wheels and an extendable handle for easy strolling through the airport. External daisy chains let you strap this bag to buses or SUVS. The Juggernaut 115 Rolling Gear Bag includes removable laundry and accessory pockets to help you stay organized during your trip to base camp.
Sale Price: $262.46

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