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Barbour Downpour Jacket - Men's Barbour Downpour Jacket - Men's
Whether you're commuting to work or taking your daily walk through the countryside, a drizzly day shouldn't hold you back. So pull on your boots and slip on the Barbour Men's Downpour Jacket to make the most of the day ahead. A cotton blend fabric gives the jacket a classic look, while the waterproof finish shields you from mist or light rain as you make the dash from the office to the bus. A fixed hood offers extra protection when the rain picks up in the middle of your walk, and dual back vents prevent overheating while keeping the water out.
Sale Price: $314.30
Basin and Range Spiro Rain Jacket - Men's Basin and Range Spiro Rain Jacket - Men's
Afternoon rain showers are frequent in the mountains come spring and summer, so be ready to repel whatever rain you encounter on the trail or in town with the Basin and Range Men's Spiro Rain Jacket. Slip this highly water-resistant shell on when you venture out for an afternoon hike or decide to take a walk downtown to your favorite brewpub. Made with a 2. 5-layer, the Spiro is well-equipped to deal with those pesky afternoon squalls that frequent your mountain home while remaining breathable to keep you dry from the inside as well. Zippered underarm vents help you keep your cool when the sun decides to make an appearance or when you pick up the pace on the steep walk home in an effort to burn off all those stouts and porters you just enjoyed. Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Sale Price: $71.47
Chrome Ike Windshirt Chrome Ike Windshirt
Fashion can be a fickle, ever-changing thing. One day, your patched-up, oil-stained denim jacket turns heads from the ladies, and the next day, it's eliciting laughter. That's why we're all seeing a resurgence in straightforward, no nonsense designs like the Chrome Ike Windshirt. From a better age where campaign commercials said 'I like Ike, you like Ike,' the Windshirt has been made as timeless in its appearance as it has in its specificity to the bike. Chrome knows that you can ride in any jacket, but 'any jacket' can be torturous when you're in the saddle. That's why the Ike Windshirt is made from a wool-like, brushed polyester. The sleeves and rear hem were lengthened a bit to keep you covered when you're stretched out in the saddle. The rear of the jacket also has a pass-through cargo pocket that makes grabbing your phone or keys a cinch while you're on the move. For the wind protection functionality of the Ike Windshirt, Chrome went all out to keep you cold off of your skin. First off, the jacket's twill material naturally deflects wind, but to cover all of the bases, Chrome also placed wind-resistant, hidden nylon panels at the front of the Ike. And while this keeps cold air from getting in, Chrome also took steps to ensure that hot air can get out. Not only does the jacket have a two-way zipper for ventilation, but there are also dual armpit zips to keep the air flowing through. To further prevent win infiltration, the cuffs are zippered and the collar snap-buttons down. Chrome has also added reflective accents throughout the jacket to increase your visibility in low-light conditions. The Chrome Ike Windshirt is available in four sizes from Small to X-Large and in the color Military Green.
Sale Price: $74.97
ECOALF Shinyuku Jacket - Men's ECOALF Shinyuku Jacket - Men's
The Ecoalf Men's Shinyuku Jacket exudes streamlined sophistication during uptown evenings, upscale events, and urban affairs. This minimalist trench jacket protects you from drizzly conditions and blustery weather with its wind and water-resistant properties. It's highly breathable, so you're never roasting underneath. Plus, there's a concealed two-way zip with a snap-fastening flap for protection from chilly breezes. Staying true to Ecoalf's sustainable design ethos, the Shinyuku Jacket features a triple-layer fabric comprised of recycled PET bottles and Sorona renewable fibers. This recycled fabric saves 56 plastic bottles from going to the landfill, with Sorona yarns partially derived from plant-based ingredients (28% bio-based). Two-way mechanical stretch facilitates unencumbered mobility when you're cruising around town. Sealed seams prevent outside moisture from permeating inside and dampening your layers underneath.
Sale Price: $193.98
Hurley Protect Stretch Jacket - Men's Hurley Protect Stretch Jacket - Men's
Offering weather protection that won't hold you back, the Hurley Men's Protect Stretch Jacket features a stretchy fabric and raglan sleeves so you stay shielded from wind and rain while maintaining the mobility needed to skate, bike, train, or just hang comfortably. Stretch fabric lets you move easily, and the DWR coating repels light rain, while the urban-inspired styling keeps it from looking too techy.
Sale Price: $71.96
Mollusk Benetau Windbreaker - Men's Mollusk Benetau Windbreaker - Men's
Thanks to the Mollusk Men's Benetau Windbreaker, you get passive protection from the elements--without looking as though you're embarking upon the mountain climbing adventure of a lifetime. The Benetau features a timeless silhouette, while the zippered underarm vents provide on-the-go temperature regulation, in turn alluding to the Benetau's technical capabilities without overtly looking as such.
Sale Price: $89.97
Nike SB Packable Anorak - Men's Nike SB Packable Anorak - Men's
Spring and autumn can be temperamental seasons, though, thankfully you have the Nike Men's SB Packable Anorak on your side. As its name suggests, this anorak easily packs down into its chest pocket when conditions are more in your favor, while the polyester construction lends adaptive protection in the face of light moisture or wind. Additionally, the adjustable hood provides customizable protection, and the elastic cuffs keep the sleeves securely in place.
Sale Price: $63.71
Patagonia Idler Jacket - Men's Patagonia Idler Jacket - Men's
When your primary mode of transportation is bicycle and you've chosen the Pacific Northwest as your home, you need a jacket that never falters, even after two straight weeks of showers and clouds. That's why you reach for the Patagonia Men's Idler Jacket. Crafted with a 3-layer construction, this lightweight jacket features a waterproof membrane that shields you from wind, rain, and stormy weather without sacrificing breathability when you're working up a sweat. A circular knit backer wicks moisture and layers easily over your baselayers. The fixed, helmet-compatible hood features a built-in visor to provide maximum weather protection when the only way home is through the storm.
Sale Price: $199.20
Snow Peak Indigo 3L Rain Jacket - Men's Snow Peak Indigo 3L Rain Jacket - Men's
The pines smell better when it's raining, so zip into the Snow Peak Men's Indigo 3L Rain Jacket, leave the card-playing campers in the tent, and enjoy wet hikes. This thin, lightweight three-layer shell uses taped seams to prevent raindrops from seeping through, and its indigo-dyed cotton blend feels breathable for warmer temperatures from spring to fall. There are adjustments at the hood, hem, and cuffs for secure fit, and the hand pockets protect your electronics while you make your way through the wet woods.
Sale Price: $382.22
Stoic Reflective Camo Jacket - Men's Stoic Reflective Camo Jacket - Men's
From the urban jungle to the forested mountains, the Stoic Men's Reflective Camo Jacket lends an incognito look without forcing you to actually become one with the trees (however, you're still welcome to hug them). This jacket features a weather-repellent design for subtle versatility, while the reflective print maintains added visibility in low-light conditions, making it suitable for city or trail bound adventures alike.
Sale Price: $44.98
Under Armour Storm Windstrike 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's Under Armour Storm Windstrike 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's
You can see the flag whipping around on the green from the teebox, but that won't stop you from squeezing in a round of nine when you're wearing the Under Armour Men's Storm Windstrike 1/2-Zip Jacket. UA Storm2 tech repels drizzles to keep you dry through scattered showers, and it prevents biting gusts from stealing all your core warmth--although we can't promise that you won't be feeling a little cold when the wind carries your second shot into the water. Plus, its four-way stretch fabric and generous cut won't throw off your swing, so you'll only have yourself to blame when you shoot a double-bogey.
Sale Price: $63.74
Volcom Ermont Jacket - Men's Volcom Ermont Jacket - Men's
If you miss the windbreaker you wore in middle school, Volcom is ready to deliver a blast from the past with their Ermont Jacket. Super packable and lightweight, the Ermine is great for shoving into your pack as a last-minute solution on a windy day. If you're going out and there's a slight chance of rain, bring it along if you know you won't be subjected to torrential wet for a long time; but it'll shed light wind and rain, so enjoy the minimal weight and basic hooded design.
Sale Price: $48.71
Volcom Lane TDS Parka - Men's Volcom Lane TDS Parka - Men's
Equally at home on the street, or on the mountain, the Volcom Men's Lane TDS Parka is a stylish and insulated jacket for staying warm and on point wherever you want to rock the nexus of fashion and functionality. The water-resistant 3-layer shell fabric is buttressed by a super warm duck-down fill insulation for snuggy warmth from the chairlift to the walk to the office. The four-way stretch helps support your active movements when the contours of the mountain take over, and the zippered vents help release excess heat and moisture so your core can breathe after straight-lining 2,000 feet of knee-deep pow. And in case it's drizzling at the base, the TDS includes fully sealed seams, so it'll 86 light precip like the doorman did your buddy the other night after having one too many.
Sale Price: $209.96

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