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Salewa Fanes Hooded Insulated Jacket - Men's Salewa Fanes Hooded Insulated Jacket - Men's
The Salewa Men's Fanes Hooded Insulated Jacket traps body heat that would otherwise be lost to the chilly surrounding air with its heat-activated insulation. Some of the most advanced insulating fibers we've seen, Tirol Wool Celliant fibers combine the lofty warmth of wool with the heat-radiating properties of Celliant technology. Celliant technology embeds thermo-reactive minerals into each wool fiber, in turn converting radiant body heat into toasty-warmth, even when you're not moving. Ultimately, this means you'll stay pleasantly warm during static outdoor activities, such as belaying your partner at the crag or waiting for the next train while you're backpacking across Europe.
Salewa Pedroc Alpha Insulated Jacket - Men's Salewa Pedroc Alpha Insulated Jacket - Men's
Developed by Salewa athletes trekking in the fickle weather of the Alps, the Men's Pedroc Alpha Insulated Jacket provides airy-light warmth and water-resistance to fast alpine missions. Polartec Alpha insulation traps precious body heat when you're pushing up a long summit while maintaining air permeability to expel excess body heat. This way, you won't sweat profusely on the way up, only to shiver uncontrollably at the summit while you're soaked in perspiration. The jacket's outer shell employs a lightweight and durable nylon fabric, treated with a DWR finish that beads off passing showers and dewy mornings from soaking through. Polartec Power Dry stretch panels along the back and sides maintain fluid mobility, so you're never restricted while hiking up a rugged talus field or reaching for a precarious hold on a ridgeline scramble. Both of these fabrics benefit immensely from the mesh lining, which accelerates the moisture-wicking process as you start to sweat profusely on the last mile towards your peakbagging objective.
Salewa Redbull X-Alps PTC Alpha Jacket - Men's Salewa Redbull X-Alps PTC Alpha Jacket - Men's
Rando mountaineers generally rely on their own body heat to keep them warm when they're on the go, but that sweat will only freeze once you reach snowier altitudes, so you'll still need a light insulator with heavy-duty breathability to keep you warm and comfortable during active endeavors. The Salewa Men's Redbull X-Alps PTC Alpha Jacket's air permeable Polartec Alpha insulation boasts extremely high breathability so you feel fresh and ready for all the switchbacks, false summits, and ridge runs you have in store this season. Salewa left the sleeves, sides, and collar without insulation to ensure more efficient moisture management to take care of sweaty situations better.
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