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ROJK Superwear Eskimo Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men's ROJK Superwear Eskimo Hooded Fleece Jacket - Men's
Stunningly styled with its speckled colorways and matching tonal cuffs, the ROJK Superwear Men's Eskimo Hooded Fleece Jacket brings fashionable appeal to ambitious adventures and laid-back chill sessions alike. Taking design cues from its Swedish heritage, the Eskimo Hooded Fleece Jacket is an ideal accomplice for layering up on the mountain or grabbing a cup of coffee on the weekend. Cozy-soft polyester fleece maximizes warmth while pulling perspiration off your skin for thermo-regulation during fast-moving missions. A touch of spandex prevents it from bunching or restricting movement under your waterproof shell.
ROJK Superwear Monk Fleece Jacket - Men's ROJK Superwear Monk Fleece Jacket - Men's
Whether you're meandering through the lush trails of Oregon or slicing through deep powder in Utah, the ROJK Superwear Men's Monk Fleece Jacket offers unimpeded versatility and warmth. The Monk boasts a wool, polyester, and silk fabric that assures you get the best of both worlds: the softness of polyester, warmth of wool, and temperature regulation of silk. Additionally, the quarter-zip construction provides on-the-go temperature regulation, while the elastic-bound hood maintains added protection when you need it most. Not to mention, the generously-sized kangaroo pocket boasts easy-to-use zippers that keep your necessities secure and close at hand.
ROJK Superwear Zippen Hoodie - Men's ROJK Superwear Zippen Hoodie - Men's
There are jackets that look nice but will fall apart at the first sign of work, and there are jackets that are tough as nails but look like something your Uncle Teddy would wear down at the construction site. Striking a balance between Uncle Teddy durability and around-town style, the Rojk Superwear Men's Cordura Zippen Hooded Jacket will get the job done whether you're splitting rounds of pine for the campfire or ordering another round of pilsners for the crew after another solid day on the trail. Rojk built this jacket with burly Cordura to withstand wear and tear from work and added a dose of polyester and elastane for comfort and stretch. The regular fit has a classic look and feel, and the adjustable hood and spacious thumbholes add an extra bit of comfort around the campfire and at the bar.

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