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Pearl Izumi ELITE Barrier Vest - Men's Pearl Izumi ELITE Barrier Vest - Men's
When foul weather interrupts your ride but a rain jacket is overkill, a weather-resistant vest like the Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Vest is essential. The breathable, weather-resistant fabric takes the sting out of blustery winds, while the ventilation panels on the chest and back keep you from working up too much of a sweat. One of our favorite things about this vest is that it's extremely packable. While you're climbing or the weather is fair, you're able to leave it folded up in a pocket so you don't overheat, only to zip it over your jersey when the clouds break or you start your descent. The Elite Barrier vest is constructed with Pearl Izumi's breathable yet weather-resistant Elite Barrier polyester, which works to protect you from the elements without trapping heat. It wicks moisture through the fabric to keep you dry, while simultaneously blocking harsh gusts of wind and rain. Additionally, the Direct Vent panels at the chest and back enhance the vest's ability to regulate temperature. This vest was designed according to Pearl Izumi's Semi-Form fit, which means that the upper-torso employs a relaxed, yet anatomic cut to allow for layering. The tall collar fights off gusts of wind, while the full-length zipper makes quick layering changes a snap. Reflective accents increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions, and the pocket at the back ensures you don't sacrifice easy accessibility of your ride essentials.
Sale Price: $51.97
Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Barrier Lite Vest - Men's Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Barrier Lite Vest - Men's
There are many 'decent' vests out there, but an 'amazing' vest must be packable, ultralight, and provide a solid barrier against both the wind and rain. Oh, and it also needs to breathe. Not surprisingly, the Pearl Izumi P. R. O. Barrier Lite Vest succeeds on all accounts. It blocks the elements and lets body heat escape, yet is so unobtrusive when tucked away in your jersey pocket that you won't think twice about stuffing it in there alongside your other riding essentials. The vest was constructed using Pearl Izumi's P. R. O. Barrier Lite fabric. This is a lightweight, breathable material that's perfectly suited for the sort of weather changes that we often face during a volatile spring afternoon on the road. Made from tightly-woven monofilament materials, the Barrier Lite fabric provides you with protection from the elements while still allowing your torso to breathe and avoid moisture overload. Its versatility is one reason to use it as a wind breaker on high-speed descents, a rain protector during flash storms in the summer, or even as an extra layer to take along for winter rides -- just in case. The vest has been anatomically designed to allow a layer underneath it, yet at the same time, it's cut close enough to the body to prevent excess fabric from flapping in the wind. Panels of Softshell Lite were also added to the composition, adding a bit of stretch to the vest. Elasticized hem and arm holes maintain a secure fit over your jersey, and the full-length front zipper makes entry and exit of the vest while riding an easy task. Rounding out the construction, Izumi includes reflective accents that increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
Sale Price: $62.96

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