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Pinarello Corsa Bib Short - Men's Pinarello Corsa Bib Short - Men's
In Pinarello's bib hierarchy, the Corsa Men's Bib Shorts aren't the top-dog. If you're looking for the most marginal of marginal gains in order to eke out a 0. 02-watt advantage over the course of a 21-day stage race, then they may not be for you. If, however, you're like us, then the more-affordable Corsa makes a smarter investment for summer weeks that include a trip out (and back--hopefully) to the weekly crit series; a couple hundred miles of rides snuck in before, after, and sometimes during work; and a bi-monthly group ride that tackles two passes and ends with pastries and coffee. This is especially true for those unfortunate nights when you aren't able to ride back from the weekly crit series. Despite the lower price, the Corsa is still every bit a pair of racing bibs. They're shaped specifically to provide an ideal fit once you're in the saddle, with fabric panels arranged to supportively wrap around your muscles. Because of this, the bib shorts may not feel like they're sitting correctly while you're standing because the fit is extremely specific to a riding position. Once you're out riding, the shorts' mix of breathable, stretchy materials keep moisture at bay while maintaining their next-to-skin fit for the duration of your ride, while details like wide leg grippers make sure you won't spend your ride repeatedly trying to pull your slowly rising leg hems back to the edge of your tan lines. A Cirro OmniForm chamois complements the Corsa Bib Shorts with an arrangement of supportive, multi-density foam that acts as a barrier against painful saddle vibrations while maintaining breathability and moving with you as you pedal. Pinarello crafts the bib straps themselves with soft micromesh, which maintains its shape while still encouraging ventilation, and the bibs have a relatively open shape to accommodate a wide range of body types.
Sale Price: $125.96
Pinarello Strada Bib Short - Men's Pinarello Strada Bib Short - Men's
Building your cycling kit with all the right pieces is no easy task, but starting with the Strada Men's Bib Short as your foundation is a big step in the right direction. Crafted with high-quality performance fabric, the Strada keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable on rides from the spring through fall, while also maintaining enough stretch to easily keep up with all of your quick, explosive movements. Elastic leg grippers lock down the fit with reliable security to prevent irritating ride-ups, while comfortable bibs do their part to keep you riding at a high level without any exposed back.
Sale Price: $97.96
Pinarello Tour Bib Short - Men's Pinarello Tour Bib Short - Men's
If we were to pick two names to define the height of Italian cycling, it'd be Pinarello and Giordana. With the Tour Men's Bib Shorts, the two Mediterranean giants have combined forces, imbuing the race-kit know-how of the latter with the pedigree of the former. The Tour Bibs are a race-oriented model, imbued with all of the finishing and fit details of professional kit. Pinarello goes so far as to claim that they'll "have you riding like a pro." While we can't vouch for any watts-per-kilogram increase, these bottoms' top-level construction certainly won't hold you back. The Tour's race-day secret lies in its fabrics and fit. This starts at your engine, with a heavyweight Lycra (that Pinarello styles Legend) wrapping the thighs in a compressive-yet-elastic cocoon that helps to reduce energy lost to stabilization so your watts are more purely dedicated to propulsion. The inner thigh and seat are reinforced with a high-stretch, anti-abrasion material to ensure free motion without flapping and lengthen the bibs' lifespan, and the upper panels are made from a more supportive, carbon-laced material to help your core stay fresh for the finishing sprint. Upstairs, the lie-flat Lo Pro 0 bib straps will be familiar to any Giordana fans, as they're also featured on the brand's peerless FR-C bibs. The straps conspire with six generous centimeters of 190E leg bands in order to preserve fit and keep the Cirro OmniForm chamois--another common sight on the top shelf of Giordana's catalogue--in place.
Sale Price: $157.46

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