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Troy Lee Designs Ace II Windbreaker - Men's Troy Lee Designs Ace II Windbreaker - Men's
You've finally reached the top of a grueling hour-long climb. As you get off your bike to grab a snack out of your pack, you notice that the elevation gain and about a quart of sweat has suddenly made things pretty chilly. You reach for your Troy Lee Designs Ace II Windbreaker. Suddenly you remember that you lent it to your sister's boyfriend last night so he could walk to the store to get you beer and he never gave it back. What a revolting development. The Ace II's 100% nylon outer shell would have no trouble fending off the chilly breeze that currently has you gritting your teeth. The polyester front lining and rear panel would keep things breathable, though, so you would dry off, even wearing the jacket. Elastic sleeve and cuff bindings keep the jacket in place, even during a face-melting downhill like the one in front of you, and the three rear pockets are nice for those days when your ride is short enough that you don't need a pack. All of this is irrelevant, though, because your jacket is somewhere down at the bottom of this downhill, and it's gonna be a cold ride. You drop in, with only the hatred for your sister's boyfriend to keep you warm.
Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Jacket - Men's Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Jacket - Men's
The riding doesn't stop when the drops start falling, and the Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Men's Jacket is equipped to handle wind and drizzle when you're pedaling through questionable weather. The PU coating on the nylon shell repels water and blocks wind, so you don't turn into a shivering mess before you get to wherever you're going. There's also a removable hood and drawcord hem for extra coverage, a storm flap over the front zipper to keep moisture from sneaking on, and hook-and-loop cuffs that seal up tightly around your wrists. If the sun pops out unexpectedly, the back vent will help you stay cool, and the rear pocket will help keep a bottle, snacks, or other gear within reach if you think your ride might turn into a long one.
Troy Lee Designs Skyline Windbreaker - Men's Troy Lee Designs Skyline Windbreaker - Men's
You've been climbing for what feels like hours to get to that one perfect trail that runs fast and flowy back to the base of the mountain when a chilly turn of events sees the wind start to swirl. It's a good thing you've got your Troy Lee Designs Men's Skyline Windbreaker stealthily tucked in your pack for just this occasion. Its lightweight fabric fends off those chilly wind gusts so you can drop in on the descent with confidence that the Skyline will keep the wind at bay and let you focus on finding the best lines in comfort.

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