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Outdoor Tech Chips Ecosystem Outdoor Tech Chips Ecosystem
The Outdoor Tech Chips Ecosystem is a modular system for bringing Chips 2. 0 audio everywhere you roam, from powder days on the mountain to everyday commutes on your bike. This modular system includes the Chips 2. 0 Bluetooth audio, Chips Exoskeleton portable headphone, Chips Wick-Fit Beanie for hiking and running in cold weather, and the K-Roo Pouch for attaching Chips 2. 0 to virtually any ski/snowboard or cycling helmet. Each included component effortlessly integrates Chips 2. 0 into your daily listening, exercise, and outdoor adventures. Delving into the Chips 2. 0 unit, it's a Bluetooth speaker that slides into ski/snowboard, cycling, and trail helmets for wireless listening on the move. 40-millimeter drivers pump face-melting jams directly into your cranium without creating much distortion at higher volumes. Not only are Chips 2. 0 great for listening on-the-go, but they're equipped with a built-in mic for taking calls with the tap of a single button. Two-button controls give you the ability to play, pause, skip tracks, and control volume without messing with your phone on the mountain. There's also a cool Walkie Talkie feature with Outdoor Tech's branded app for smartphones, allowing you to seamlessly communicate with friends while skiing and riding.

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