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Black Diamond Apollo Lantern Black Diamond Apollo Lantern
From campgrounds to the alpine, any site is suitable for Black Diamond's Apollo Lantern. The QuadPower LED light provides a stunning 200 lumens of (at the max setting) output in a non-glaring case, while the fold-down legs let you elevate your illumination experience. Also, there's a power meter that indicates how much battery is left, and the adjustable dimming switch allows versatile brightness. So whatever mood you're in, you can make sure that the Apollo can adapt to it.
Sale Price: $50.96
Black Diamond Moji Lantern Black Diamond Moji Lantern
Black Diamond's Moji Lantern brightens up the tent so you can play cards on rainy camping trips. This simple lantern houses a frosted globe to evenly distribute the Moji's TriplePower LED light. An adjustable switch lets you dim the light's 100 lumens for the perfect amount of brightness. Black Diamond also added a collapsible double-hook loop to hang off of tent cords or tree branches.
Sale Price: $10.99
Black Diamond Moji XP Lantern Black Diamond Moji XP Lantern
Black Diamond's Moji XP Lantern lightens up campsites, climbing crags, and backpacking destinations. Its TriplePower LED light offers adjustable lighting, and there's a hang loop that attaches to tree branches, tent poles, and any bolt you aren't clipping.
Sale Price: $20.96
Goal Zero Light-A-Life 350 Goal Zero Light-A-Life 350
Illuminate your campsite with the practically pocket-sized Goal Zero Light-A-Life 350. This compact lantern stores small and expands when you're ready to use it, and it fits easily in your pack. Dual modes allow you to either use it as a lantern that widely disperses general light or an area light setting that's more focused for things like cooking. An attached carabiner makes it easy to hang up in your tent, from a tree, or in your backyard, and it powers quickly from your Goal Zero Power Pack or Solar Generator so it's charged and ready to go by the time the sun goes down.
Sale Price: $33.99
Goal Zero Torch 250 Goal Zero Torch 250
Stash the Goal Zero Torch 250 in your home emergency kit, keep it in your car, or bring it along on all your camping trips. This versatile lantern serves as a floodlight and flashlight as well as a portable power source. LED lights with Floodlight and Flashlight settings illuminate your campsite or help you find the candles when the power goes out, and a built-in USB port allows you to charge your phone or other small electronics. There are also multiple ways to recharge the Torch 250. Plug it into the wall through the USB input, power it up with a 12V battery, or use your Goal Zero solar panel. It even has a hand crank for when you're in a pinch. One minute of cranking equals about two minutes of light, allowing you to get light almost instantly when you really need it. Whether you're on a weekend camping trip or caught in a natural disaster, stay prepared with the Torch 250.
Sale Price: $59.99
Princeton Tec Backcountry LED Light Kit Princeton Tec Backcountry LED Light Kit
The Princeton Tec LED Light Kit serves up a trifecta of portable illumination for just about any outdoor situation with its included Amp 1L Flashlight, Helix Backcountry Lantern, and Sync Headlamp. It's a versatile kit that's sure to satisfy your outdoor lighting needs, whether it's climbing a mountain in the darkness of pre-dawn hours, camping under the stars, or hosting a backyard bonfire. The Amp 1L Flashlight sports a built-in carabiner loop and bottle opener, should you need to tether this to a pack or crack open a frosty beverage once you reach a formidable summit. This compact flashlight projects a powerful beam with its MaxBright LED for up to 72 hours of continuous use. Featuring an expandable configuration with folding legs, the Helix Lantern is a portable lighting solution for hanging in tents, using as ambient campsite lighting, and navigating around the cabin at night. MaxBright White and Ultrabright Red LEDs project 150 lumens of illumination, so you're never left without sufficient lighting. The expanding globe folds down to half-height for easy packing, also removing for use as a tent dome light. For missions where hands-free lighting is essential, the Sync Headlamp helps you navigate across dark expanses of technical terrain. The 150-lumen output is powerful enough for illuminating broad swaths of trail after dark, and there's even a red LED for easily reading maps without fatiguing your eyes. It runs for an impressive 144 hours, ensuring you're not stranded in the wilderness after a couple days of use.
Sale Price: $67.96

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