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Princeton Tec Backcountry LED Light Kit Princeton Tec Backcountry LED Light Kit
The Princeton Tec LED Light Kit serves up a trifecta of portable illumination for just about any outdoor situation with its included Amp 1L Flashlight, Helix Backcountry Lantern, and Sync Headlamp. It's a versatile kit that's sure to satisfy your outdoor lighting needs, whether it's climbing a mountain in the darkness of pre-dawn hours, camping under the stars, or hosting a backyard bonfire. The Amp 1L Flashlight sports a built-in carabiner loop and bottle opener, should you need to tether this to a pack or crack open a frosty beverage once you reach a formidable summit. This compact flashlight projects a powerful beam with its MaxBright LED for up to 72 hours of continuous use. Featuring an expandable configuration with folding legs, the Helix Lantern is a portable lighting solution for hanging in tents, using as ambient campsite lighting, and navigating around the cabin at night. MaxBright White and Ultrabright Red LEDs project 150 lumens of illumination, so you're never left without sufficient lighting. The expanding globe folds down to half-height for easy packing, also removing for use as a tent dome light. For missions where hands-free lighting is essential, the Sync Headlamp helps you navigate across dark expanses of technical terrain. The 150-lumen output is powerful enough for illuminating broad swaths of trail after dark, and there's even a red LED for easily reading maps without fatiguing your eyes. It runs for an impressive 144 hours, ensuring you're not stranded in the wilderness after a couple days of use.
Princeton Tec Meridian Strobe/Beacon Light Princeton Tec Meridian Strobe/Beacon Light
Designed for paddle sports, maritime activities, and diving adventures, the Princeton Tec Meridian Strobe/Beacon Light is a highly visible beacon for emergency situations. It also serves as a handy flashing light to alert nearby divers of your presence. Featuring red and white LEDs, the Strobe/Beacon Light flashes in either color with the simple flick of its toggle switch. Its IPX-8 water-resistant rating means it safely submerges to 100-meters in depth. Three included batteries power the Strobe/Beacon for an impressive 100-hours, in case you're waiting for rescue out at sea. And because it's designed for a wide variety of scenarios and sports, it easily mounts to one-inch webbing straps, PFDs, and SCUBA tanks.

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