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Burley Bee Child Trailer Burley Bee Child Trailer
Strap one or two children in the Burley Bee Trailer and finish all your daily chores on a bike instead of a car. Up to two kids fit in the full internal roll cage that exceeds ASTM F1975-09 safety standards, and the three-way buckles will keep them in their plush polyester seats. A more durable polyester makes up the cover to protect them from splashes, dirt, and rocks, and UV-protected windows give them a view. The Bee Trailer also features two 20-inch push-button wheels, a pocket for your helmet, three internal pockets, and a rear cargo area for groceries. This trailer also folds flat so you can take it on vacations with you, and reflectors work with the safety flag to maintain visibility in low light.
Sale Price: $240.33
Burley Minnow Bike Trailer Burley Minnow Bike Trailer
Built for casual bike rides or commutes alike, the Burley Minnow Bike Trailer provides convenient carrying for your tyke. The Minnow features a one-child capacity that's complemented by a variety of storage options, so you're able to keep Junior preoccupied as the two of you meander through the town or city. Additionally, the full aluminum roll cage is both durable and lightweight to keep your child safe while en route, and the five-point harness system provides a comfortable and secure seated experience. And once the two of you are done cycling around for the day, the Minnow neatly folds up to a flat design, so you're able to stash it in the garage easily, rather than have it intrude on the general storage space.
Sale Price: $216.21
Mountain Buggy Plus One Stroller Mountain Buggy Plus One Stroller
From city museums to sprawling farmer's markets, the Mountain Buggy Plus One Stroller enables you and your pint-sized tadpoles to meander the city without the limitation of a traditional buggy. After all, viewing the world through the lens of a young child is bound to elicit both novel and entertaining conclusions or questions, which undoubtedly lead to strange and hilarious conversations and consequently the memories of a lifetime. In addition to the stroller, the Plus One package includes a sun canopy, magnetic peekaboo, bottle holder, and gear tray. Designed to cater to the needs of your family, the Plus One Stroller is a gemini of sorts, accommodating to any myriad of the following combinations: a single child, a toddler with storage, a toddler and a newborn, or two toddlers. Ultimately this assortment of adaptability makes planning ahead for the future, taking multiple children out to play, or simply navigating the city much more simple than attempting to pack along two separate strollers or child-packs. The stroller's seat is fashioned with an adjustable five-point harness and crotch strap and easily converts from fully reclined to an upright seat. The seat's exaggerated length easily acquiesces to your child's size, in turn making the Plus One Stroller ideal for newborn sproutlings up to five year old children. An adjustable and comfort-oriented handlebar is easily modified to a more suitable "pushing height" while the retractable leg rest ensures adventure-long comfort for your child. Additionally, the Plus One features an outstanding curb pop which allows you to "pop" the front wheel up in order to avoid obstacles or concrete curbsides. Not only is the Plus One incredibly versatile, but exudes a high-quality design and refined silhouette thanks to its polished aluminum hinge, classic color palettes, and smart style.
Sale Price: $559.99
Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller
If you're an avid jogger who needs a daily fix or a hiker that likes to get off road, you need a heavy-duty jogger like the Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller. This burly folding jogger features a shock-absorbing suspension that offers a smooth ride no matter what you're rolling over, so junior can enjoy the scenery in comfort while you get your sanity-saving exercise. The weight of the stroller is distributed in a way that enables it to easily pop up and over curbs and obstacles, and the shorter footprint makes it nimble around town and out on the trail. Mountain Buggy gave the Terrain Stroller a hand-operated control brake, so you don't lose control of it coming down a steep hill, and it even threw in a height-adjustable handlebar to keep things comfortable. The front wheel can be locked out with a quick flick of a lever, and the park brake is flip-flop friendly, so you don't have to rock steel toe boots just to operate this beauty.
Sale Price: $479.99
Thule Chariot Urban Glide 2 Stroller Thule Chariot Urban Glide 2 Stroller
They'll stay comfy in Thule's Urban Glide 2 Stroller while you explore the city sprawl. Its sleek and lightweight design includes a convenient, one-handed fold for compact storage. The extendable handlebar accommodates tall dads and small moms, and the rear suspension works with the padded seats to keep your children comfy on bumpy sidewalks. Thule's five-point harnesses meet most safety standards, and the multi-position canopy shields sunlight and rain. There's also a top vent, a large storage compartment, and view-in port so you can see your kid throughout the day.
Sale Price: $519.96
Thule Chariot Urban Glide Stroller Thule Chariot Urban Glide Stroller
Calling a nanny every time you want to go for a run' Too expensive. Leaving Junior home alone for an hour or two' Too terrifying. Pulling him along behind you like a sled dog' Too tiring. Pushing him along in Thule's Urban Glide Stroller' Yeah, that's more like it. With an adjustable ergonomic handlebar, rear suspension, and swiveling (or locking) front wheel, the Urban Glide serves up a smooth ride for you and your little one, so you can get exercise and he can get some fresh air at the same time. The padded and ventilated seat reclines so he can catch some shut-eye while you work up a sweat, and the foot brake lets you park at a traffic light without having to keep a kung-fu grip on the handlebar at all times. Thule topped the Urban Glide off with an adjustable canopy that's complete with a transparent view port to let you check on the little guy, a water-resistant pocket for snacks, phones, and baby essentials, and a killer one-handed folding mechanism that lets you quickly pop up the stairs and through the door when you get back to the apartment.
Sale Price: $319.96

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