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Shred Ready Standard Full-Cut Kayak Helmet Shred Ready Standard Full-Cut Kayak Helmet
From western snow melt to gushing eastern creeks, the Shred Ready Standard Full-Cut Kayak Helmet protects your decision maker if you get flipped and dragged over drops. A design that extends over your ears provides lobe protection and reduces exposure to chilly air during spring dam-release free-for-alls. A combination of the ABS injection molded shell and multi-impact EPP liner helps take the smack out of injuries in rocky rivers. This helmet comes with multiple closed-cell foam pads that can be inserted in the helmet for a precise fit, making one size fit any head comfortably. The HOG2. 0 Retention System at the back of the helmet can also be cinched down for a secure fit that will keep the helmet in place no matter how rowdy the river gets. Shred Ready made the rivets and burrs out of stainless steel to prevent corrosion so you can stay safe in this helmet for a long time.
Sale Price: $79.96
Shred Ready Standard Full-Face Kayak Helmet Shred Ready Standard Full-Face Kayak Helmet
Spending all your time and money chasing the wildest whitewater on the planet doesn't leave a lot of money to spare for a new helmet. Luckily, Shred Ready's Standard Full-Face Kayak Helmet is safe, lightweight, and more affordable than any other full-face on the market. The rugged ABS shell protects against rocks and roots, and the multi-impact foam can take a few hits and still get back up for more--which is convenient when you're tackling rapids deep in Appalachia, dozens of miles from the nearest kayak shop. This helmet's jaw protector prepares you for rocky rolls that would otherwise reduce your pearly whites to a jagged assortment resembling a local moonshiner's mouth, and the interchangeable fitting pads ensure customizable comfort when you're on the river for days at a time.
Sale Price: $111.96
Shred Ready Super Scrappy Kayak Helmet Shred Ready Super Scrappy Kayak Helmet
That week-long kayaking festival may leave you pretty haggard, but thanks to the Shred Ready Super Scrappy Kayak Helmet you won't be leaving the rocky, low-water river bloody and concussed. At certain times during the week, you may need head protection more than others (like when you abandon your play boat for a canoe run over the falls), but who cares--after all, the visor design looks great and keeps the summer sun out of your eyes. A tough ABS shell teams up with VN foam to offer whitewater-certified protection. Between the HOG Occipital lock and the color-coded, interchangeable fitting pad, locking in the perfect fit is easy. Not to mention, you can rock the Super Scrappy forwards or backwards, depending on what style you're feeling that day. Plus, this reliable helmet is easy on the pocketbook, so you have plenty of cash left over for post-paddling brews.

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