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B&O Play Earset 3i Sport Headphones B&O Play Earset 3i Sport Headphones
From bike commutes to work and early-morning jogs to chill-out sessions on the couch, keep the tunes bumping in crisp, clear sound with the B&O Play Earset 3i Sport Headphones. They have an ultralight construction that won't weigh on you as the day goes on, and their adjustable, ergonomic design ensures a comfy fit that stays put through any activity. These headphones can be adjusted to fit the curves and contours of your ear, ensuring they don't fall out or create painful pressure points when you're running, biking, skiing, or doing whatever else. They allow some environmental background noise to come through so you're not cut off from the world, which is important when you're biking through busy streets and jogging down crowded sidewalks. And with in-line controls and microphone, you don't have to stop to pull out your phone when you receive a phone call or want to change the song.
Sale Price: $159.20
Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless
If you've ever gone for an early morning run (pre-coffee, mind you) and have gotten tangled up in your headphone cords, going for a run with the Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless headphones in tow is bound to feel like a breath of fresh air. Designed to promote a hands-free, unencumbered fitness session, the Elite Sport brings to you a new level of auditory experience. To start, the Elite Sport is completely wireless and bluetooth compatible--meaning you don't have to fumble with cords or worry about the headphones getting wrapped up in your ponytail or hat. And while that might not be enough to persuade you into picking up a pair, perhaps the integrated heart rate monitor will. This nifty little feature works hand-in-hand with Jabra's Sport Life app, which tracks and analyzes your fitness session (be it run or workout), and in turn provides you with constructive data and audio coaching. Additionally, this app tracks your bottom line fitness level, counts reps automatically, predicts your race pace as well as your finish time--not to mention, recovery tips are included, too. Now, that information is all fine and dandy, but those details can be rendered moot if the headphones don't provide crisp audio--and the Elite Sport are designed to do just that. The Elite Sport feature bespoke bass speakers, complete with a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range, while the passive noise cancellation (that is dependent on a complete seal between your ears and the headphones) ensure a unique, auditory experience. Though, for those of you who worry that running with headphones can be unsafe, let the HearThrough feature reassure you. The HearThrough provide external ambient noise from the earbuds for enhanced awareness. The Elite Sport is endowed with a microphone, so you're able to answer or make calls, and the headphones are also sweat and waterproof. So you can trust them to perform rain, shine, sweat, or complete saturation.
Sale Price: $212.49
Jabra Rox Wireless Headphones Jabra Rox Wireless Headphones
With the Jabra Rox Wireless Headphones, you get all the sound you love from your favorite speakers with the convenience of wireless. Hi-fi speaker outputs give you a great range of sound, and an omni-directional microphone lets you use these with phone calls easily and clearly. These headphones can be charged with the attached USB cable and automatically pair with any nearby Bluetooth devices. A protective carrying bag and eargel packs are included with each pair of headphones.
Sale Price: $110.49
Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headphones Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headphones
Crosstrain, run, and work out easier with a lot of help from Jabra's Sport Coach Wireless Headphones. Bluetooth wireless connectivity makes sure you don't have a wire wrapping around dumbbells you're deadlifting, and Dolby powers the sound for crisp music and in-ear audio coaching. Connected to Jabra's Sport Life app, the Sport Coach gives you time and repetition-based training commands for an efficient workout. Choose from more than 40 exercises, from beginner to advanced difficulties, or make your own workout if you already have your own fitness regimen. The Sport Coach's TrackFit motion sensor measures distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned so you can evaluate your workout afterward, and there are fitness tests to help you track your progress and meet your goals.
Sale Price: $107.99
Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones
Run, cycle, and work out with Jabra's Sport Wireless Headphones making your fitness regimen more convenient. Bluetooth connectivity lets you sync most smartphones, some laptops, and other MP3 players to crank jams without any annoying wires tangling up in your pockets and fingers. The hifi speakers deliver a booming sound, and Jabra made them waterproof and shockproof for long-lasting toughness in any condition. Jabra also equipped the Sport Wireless Headphones with a built-in FM radio in case you want to leave your smartphone at home. Their behind-the-ear shape ensures a locked-in feelt, and Jabra included seven EarGels for a customized fit. These headphones also features controls for volume, FM, and playback right on the ear bud, and the microphone lets you take calls and use voice commands.
Sale Price: $89.99
JammyPack Rechargeable Battery JammyPack Rechargeable Battery
Keep tunes pumping on your portable speaker with the portable juice provided by the JammyPack Rechargeable Battery. This rechargeable battery quickly charges by plugging it in a USB wall adapter or computer port, and it stores plenty of juice for charging a wide variety of portable electronics. The USB output and included 3-in-1 charging cable charges MP3 players and most smartphones.
Sale Price: $20.96
Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio
The Outdoor Tech Chips 2. 0 Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio fuels progression sessions in the park and powder slashes in the trees with high-fidelity 40mm drivers pumping face-melting guitar solos and inspiring instrumentals straight to your helmet's liner. Audio streaming with Bluetooth devices eliminates annoying wires for good. For riders always on the grind, the Chips 2. 0 feature one-tap answering and voice activation, so you'll never have to remove gloves for taking and making calls. New for this season, the Chips 2. 0 feature a Walkie-Talkie function that sends audio messages to other riders rocking Chips 2. 0 on the mountain, meaning you'll never lose your friends to blizzards or confusing terrain. To use the Walkie-Talkie function, you'll have to download Outdoor Tech's Walkie-Talkie app, then set-up a group of messengers you'd like to communicate with on the mountain. There's no range limit for sending audio messages, making it ideal for staying in touch with your riding party across wide swaths of alpine terrain. These wireless audio speakers work with compatible ski/snowboard helmets, dropping into the helmet's liner for a seamless listening experience without lugging around bulky headphones. Currently, they're compatible with certain helmets from the following manufacturers: Bern, Anon, Giro, Smith, POC, Pro-Tec, Solomon, and Bolle. Outdoor Tech also makes a compatible K-Roo Pouch (not included) for using the Chips 2. 0 speakers with regular skate, snow, and BMX helmets.
Sale Price: $110.46
Outdoor Tech Chips Cuff Beanie Outdoor Tech Chips Cuff Beanie
Outdoor Tech's Chips Cuff Beanie accommodates the same audio that your ski helmet has, because walking around town in a helmet to listen to your theme song looks weird.
Sale Price: $15.96
Outdoor Tech Wired Chips Universal Snow Helmet Audio Outdoor Tech Wired Chips Universal Snow Helmet Audio
Keep your hands warm, the powder flyin', and your beats bumpin', with the Outdoor Technology Wired Chips Universal Snow Helmet Audio. These chip headphones drop into nearly any helmet with an audio liner. Work the simple two-button interface without taking off your mittens, and easily play, pause, change volume, and answer calls.
Sale Price: $32.76

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