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Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Kayak - 2018 Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Kayak - 2018
The bite on the bank may be slow, but fish are feeding just along the drop off, so paddle your Perception Pescador Pro 12. 0 Kayak out to where the fish are hiding and reel lunker after lunker into this quick, nimble, and stable fishing kayak. With a stable and efficient hull shape, the Pescador Pro is well-suited for everything from mellow rivers to your favorite still waters. Perception built the Pescador around a simple, yet full-featured design that will please serious anglers, whether they're in pursuit of bass, trout, or saltwater fish.When it comes to features, the Pescador may be streamlined, but it certainly isn't lacking. Adjustable foot rests and a reclining seat work to keep you comfortable during the long paddle out to the fish, while the addition of bow and stern tankwells make carrying everything you need for a full day out on the lake as convenient as possible. Since the Pescador was designed specifically for fishing, Perception molded rod holders into the kayak, added a transducer scupper for a fish finder, and threw a cup holder in there for good measure.
Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak - 2018 Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak - 2018
Maneuver mellow rivers and hidden coves with the Perception Sound 9. 5 Kayak. The Sound 9. 5 is a burly, fishing-friendly kayak for paddlers who are on a bit of a budget. A polyethylene hull is highly durable, making it resistant to UV rays, impacts, and abrasions alike. Additionally, the varied thickness throughout maintains the strength and rigidity of the boat, but without tacking on unnecessary weight. A generously-sized cockpit makes the Sound 9. 5 easy to get in-and-out of, while the newly redesigned dashboard touts a molded area specifically for a tackle box or gear. Two molded-in rod holders are located behind the seat for quick and easy access, and the rear stern tankwell offers you additional storage, for items such as drybags or a cooler.
Sale Price: $327.20

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