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Campagnolo EPS V2 Interface Campagnolo EPS V2 Interface
Campagnolo's new EPS V2 Power Unit and EPS V2 Interface are both essential to the digital operation of EPS -- the EPS V2 Interface Unit is the direct user link to the brains of the system. It translates the thoughts of the most sophisticated electronic shifting system in the world, converting them into a language we can all understand. Campagnolo has designed a beautifully functional user interface that has the capability to monitor every aspect of the EPS. The EPS V2 Interface monitors the flow of information throughout the EPS, and operates in constant communication with the Digital Tech Intelligence (DTI) that is housed in the Power Unit. The EPS Interface translates analogical signal from the EPS Ergopower Shift Levers, and converts the information into binary code in order to share it with the Power Unit. In turn, it takes information from the Power Unit like battery power levels and system anomalies, and communicates them to you via an RGB LED light display. The EPS V2 Interface allows the user to conduct the initial settings procedures, as well as monitor and manage the EPS Ride Settings. To allow easy positioning for an onboard cycling computer, Campagnolo designed the V2 Interface to be positioned either on the stem or attached to the brake cable. The Campagnolo EPS V2 Interface is only compatible with the Campagnolo EPS shift system. Please note: The V2 Interface is compatible with both the first generation Power Unit and the new EPS V2 Power Unit.
Sale Price: $150.50
K-Edge Chain Catcher - Clamp-type K-Edge Chain Catcher - Clamp-type
We've all been there: Seriously rough roads or mis-timed shifts can throw your chain off the inside of the chainrings. And like the oft-fashioned custom widgets designed and built by pro team mechanics on the eve of the cobbled classics, the K-Edge Clamp-on Chain Catcher acts as a safeguard against this nightmare. The difference being, you don't have to be a pro to have one. Your chain will never again shoot inward beyond the inner chainring, giving you the confidence to slam it into the small ring at will, no matter what the condition of the road surface. The real benefits, aside from quick and worry-free shifts, are protection for your carbon fiber race bike and your chain will be right where you want it to be when you aim to grind your rivals into the tarmac. The clever part of Chain Catcher is the adjustment, really. The arm, that keeps the chain on your rings, drops down from a single stainless bolt that is used to make the attachment to the clamp. And it has a small set screw that allows for in/out adjustment when the fixing bolt is loose. The entire setup operation can be completed in just a few minutes. The K-Edge Clamp-on Chain Catcher has its own clamp, so it doesn't require your bike frame to have a braze-on derailleur tab. So tab or no tab, it will work on your bike as long as the seat tube is round and the diameter matches the clamp. It mounts just below the derailleur. It's made from CNC-machined 6061 T6 aluminum in Boise, ID. It weighs 22 grams and is available in Black and Gunmetal and in two clamp diameters -- 31. 8mm and 34. 9mm.
Sale Price: $51.99

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