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Steiner MM830 8x30 Binoculars Steiner MM830 8x30 Binoculars
Sailing in the weekly Lake Superior regattas is great, but you've got your eye on a route that starts in Maine and ends in St. Thomas. You've picked the right time of year, you've tripled-checked your route, and you have several pairs of the Steiner MM 830 Binoculars on board, just in case one or two get dropped in the drink. These stout specs keep your vision clear whether you're looking at a fire-red sunset or a horizon ablaze with the sunrise. Not rain, nor wind, nor dust will leave you searching for clarity when you're looking through these waterproof binoc beasts. The 8x30 designation shows the degree of magnification (8X) and the objective diameter (30mm), which makes dolphins frolicking 1600 feet away appear as though they are only 200 feet from your boat. The objective diameter lets in the light so you can see the object of your desire clearly, be it mooring buoys at dusk or possible shelter in a leeward cove. Steiner engineers use a two-way valve system to create a vacuum inside the binoculars, and then fill the space with pressurized dry nitrogen to avoid condensation droplets forming when temps tank or rise dramatically. Modified thermo-plastic armoring adds a layer of defense against bumps and bruises of rough seas or just rough handling. Individual eyepiece focusing lets you adjust to meet the needs of each eyeball, and the 15mm eye relief lets those who wear glasses use these binoculars without having to remove their eyewear.
Steiner Wildlife XP 10x44 Binocular Steiner Wildlife XP 10x44 Binocular
How many times have you seen little brown dots down in a canyon or white dots up on a peak and wished you had brought a pair of binoculars along on your hike' The Steiner Wildlife XP 10x44 Binoculars will turn those brown dots into herds of elk and those white dots into mountain goats. These rugged binoculars aren't only tough enough to handle the burliest mountain environments, but they also provide an unmatched field of vision, giving you an up-close look at all the wildlife you encounter.Utilizing technologies developed for military-grade binoculars, the Wildlife XPs are housed in a super rugged NBR Long Life rubber armoring and sealed with a 14-psi nitrogen injection system, making them both water- and fog-proof. Ultra-HD optics bring vibrant colors into full view, while the Distance-Control-System allows you to quickly move between pre-set distances for quick and precise focusing. Ergonomic eye cups make them comfortable enough for extended use, and the Comfort Grip System with gel at the thumb pads reduce hand fatigue when you're waiting for a bull moose to step out from behind a stand of trees, or a canyon wren to peak over the edge of a sandstone cliff.
Steiner XC 8x32 Binocular Steiner XC 8x32 Binocular
The rare mountain bluebird that has eluded you all of these years is finally within reach. The Steiner XC 8x32 Binoculars are built to be right there with you, fighting the good fight, enduring the elements, waiting for the minuscule window of opportunity to spot that tiny, winged ball of cerulean beauty. With 8X magnification and field-of-view of 436ft at 1,000 yards, these binocs make finding that bird seem easy. Tough-as-nails Makrolon housing is made from durable polycarbonate and armored with NBR Long Life rubber, enabling it to withstand up to 11 Gs of impact as you clamber up a precarious ledge for that perfect viewing spot. In case you find yourself in fluctuating weather, going from scorching heat to frigid cold, Steiner equipped this pair with an N2 injection system, which seals 14-PSI pressurized dry nitrogen into the optic for guaranteed fog-proof clarity. If heavy rain follows the fog, don't worry, because the XC 8x32 housing still functions after being submerged up to 16 feet. When you realize it just isn't your day, and no mountain bluebird is going to show itself, attach the ClicLoc neck strap to free up your hands for the journey home, and hope for better results tomorrow.
Sale Price: $344.99

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