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Clifbar Nut Butter Filled Clifbar Nut Butter Filled
Nut Butter Filled
Sale Price: $19.20
Clifbar Organic Sweet and Savory Energy Food Clifbar Organic Sweet and Savory Energy Food
Everyone knows about Clifbar's eponymous energy bars, but the Clif Organic Sweet and Savory Energy Food takes the company's all-natural ethos in a different direction. They're gels, packed with sodium, potassium, carbs, and protein, but have flavors that run the gamut from sweet to savory, so you can satisfy your cravings whenever they hit. They're also certified organic, kosher, and gluten free, so everybody can enjoy them without worry.
Sale Price: $11.24
Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffles Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffles
Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffles are packed with energy for any exercise and make the perfect alternative to the world of lab-grown gels and bars. These tasty circles of grid lines are made with easily digested, natural Ingredients, and you can feel the fast and reliable energy soon after consuming them. Stow these organic honey waffle treats in your hiking pack, vest, or cycling pocket and power your gluten-free adventures with the now-classic crunchy yet chewy texture.
Sale Price: $18.95
Skratch Labs Cookie Mix Skratch Labs Cookie Mix
Back up the energy-supplementing deliciousness of the Skratch Labs Cookie Mix before your next ride. This 13. 9-ounce mix is good for approximately 18 cookie bars that are moist and solid enough to transport in your cycling jersey's pocket without 'em turning into a crumbly mess. To bake these deliciously moist and delectable cookie bars, simply add a stick of butter and egg, as well as chocolate chips, nuts, and fruit extras for extra decadence. And because this simple mixture only consists of wheat flour, cane sugar, brown cane sugar, oats, leavening, vanilla extract, and cinnamon, you'll find they're incredibly easy to digest when you're riding long distances and recovering from strenuous exercise.
Sale Price: $6.37
Vega Maca Vega Maca
Vega touts its Maca root supplement for its adaptogenic properties, which was an unfamiliar word for us when we first saw it, too. Basically, being adaptogenic means that something supports the health of your adrenal system to improve how your body releases and manages hormones in response to stress. Vega claims that adaptogens like maca thereby increase your general sense of well-being, but we recognize the benefits adrenal health can bring to endurance athletes while our bodies adapt to constant stress throughout training. Maca also provides a kick of B12 and iron, which definitely increase your red blood cells' well-being -- an effect your oxygen-hungry muscles may appreciate during a workout and while recovering. Vega purchases the maca root from Peruvian farmers 14,000 above sea level in the Andean highlands who produce it with the same organic, sustainable farming practices traditionally employed in the region. The root is then gelatinized, a process of water heating that breaks down the root's starch to effectively concentrate the micronutrients for more efficient absorption.
Sale Price: $20.71
Vega Protein Smoothie Vega Protein Smoothie
When you took your last bite of greasy, animal-based food a few years ago, you had no idea just how challenging it would be to reach your daily protein levels with a vegan diet. But after learning the ropes of veganism, you wouldn't dream of returning to the world of omnivores. Instead, you can meet the requirements of an endurance athlete's lifestyle with Vega's Protein Smoothie. Vega, a plant-based nutrition company, carefully concocts its nutritional supplements and shakes by following gluten-free and vegan guidelines while still providing 15g of protein per serving. Though the shake loads up on protein, it uses no added sugar. According to Vega, you can mix it with water, add it to a smoothie, or mix it in with any other non-dairy beverage for a healthy breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.
Sale Price: $11.97
Vega Thrive Fitness Book Vega Thrive Fitness Book
Thrive Fitness, written by Ironman athlete Brendan Brazier, is a companion for Vega's "Thrive" and "Thrive Foods" books. While the other books address healthful lifestyle and food choices, "Thrive Fitness" translates Vega's philosophy of well-being to the realm of athletic training. The book includes a Thrive-inspired breakdown of workout foods, illustrated exercises, and a six-week training plan that will produce the usual training plan benefits -- strength, endurance, weight loss, and fewer sport-related injuries, to name a few. "Thrive Fitness" goes a step beyond similar plans in other publications because it isn't just a training manual. It's not just about hitting a fitness target, it's about effecting a lifestyle change that makes your fitness target a constant reality without interrupting your normal, everyday life. This produces benefits like better sleep -- which helps with recovery -- lower salt and sugar cravings, and even less risk of cardiovascular disease. Brazier is careful to indicate that, while it's designed to help endurance athletes of all stripes achieve lasting fitness goals, the philosophy in "Thrive Fitness" also benefits individuals with goals that don't necessarily end in a competition event.
Sale Price: $9.57

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