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Fabric USB Front Light Fabric USB Front Light
All of the crisp air and rich foliage of fall makes for a welcome change to your weekend rides, but your opportunities to sneak a few miles in after work in the evenings grow more difficult to come by every day. Extending your rides a half hour longer can be as easy as buying the right light. If making yourself safer during dusk canyon descents and along tree-lined rural roads is your most important goal, we'd recommend taking a look at the Fabric USB Front Light. Fabric's a relative newcomer to the light scene, but the UK-based accessories company with a penchant for modern minimalism has seriously impressed us with its clean, functional designs. Fabric uses powerful Chip On Board technology to cast up to 30 lumens onto the road in front of you, alerting motorists to your presence in the shadowy hours just before and just after sunset. The clear, strong beam can be set to high, medium, flash, or strobe modes, and the light mounts easily to your handlebars for a fuss-free setup. The batteries last anywhere between 3. 5 and 10 hours and recharge quickly and easily with the included USB charging cord.
Fabric USB Stick Light Fabric USB Stick Light
Expanding into the realm of bike lights for the first time, Fabric carried its affinity for simple, functional pieces beyond saddles, creating a concise line of headlights that double as tail lights when needed, like the 150-lumen USB Stick Light. Focusing on keeping cyclists seen more than illuminating dark roads, the light features flashing and steady modes as a headlight, and four small LED bulbs when switched to a tail light. If you routinely find yourself racing sunset during fall's shorter days, the USB Stick Light gives you a lightweight, simple way to stand out on shady roads. The light's aluminum body will withstand everyday wear-and-tear with ease, and its IPX-5 certification means you don't have to worry about taking it off your handlebars when you ride through a rain shower. When you're getting low on battery, the USB Stick Light lets you skip the step of frantically searching for your charging cable before a ride. Instead, it plugs directly into any USB port to give you a quick reboot before you go.

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