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Castelli Foul Weather Cream Castelli Foul Weather Cream
The sky is dark, those clouds in the distance look menacing, and the wind gusts are nothing short of icy. But you've got all afternoon, so against everyone else's better judgment, you're going out there for a ride, anyway. If you're in the habit of heading out on days like this, we'd recommend having Castelli's Foul Weather Cream on hand. When you apply the cream directly to skin, it acts as a shield against water, wind, and cold temperatures, convincing your muscles that they're being asked to labor in much less taxing conditions. Minimalists rejoice -- by applying it directly to your skin, the Foul Weather Cream eliminates the need to wear layers of bulky clothing to stay warm. If you're concerned about what types of chemicals Castelli uses to achieve this effect, rest assured that the formula does not contain petroleum, and that plant-based ingredients make up 57% of its composition.
Sale Price: $13.99
DZ Nuts Bald Leg Shaving Lotion DZ Nuts Bald Leg Shaving Lotion
Real men shave their legs. No less an authority than Andy Hampsten has been quoted as saying he enthusiastically took up shaving his gams when he realized just how much the ladies like it smooth. Hell, just one look at Dave Z's adorable off-spring will prove to you that his shaved legs earned his baby one gorgeous mommy. We're not here to guarantee it will do the same for you, but DZ Nuts Bald Leg Shaving Lotion will most certainly give you the smoothest looking legs on your Saturday morning group ride. How many times in a pinch have you lathered your legs with bath soap and lived to regret it' Probably more often than any of us would like to remember. But then again, who wants to bother with facial shaving creams or--horror of horrors--smell like your girlfriend or wife because you nicked her feminine cream rather than nick yourself. Dave Z has felt your pain and answers your quiet whimper. Bald Leg Shaving Lotion is a soothing, non-irritating cream which is designed to make shaving even the most gnarly, manly legs a breeze. The glide-enhancing ingredients lather a smooth coat on your legs to prevent razor burn, but will not clog up the razor. Since it is soap free, the formula will not leave skin uncomfortably dry or tight. And if in the past you have had problems with ingrown hairs or those horrid, itchy razor bumps, then this formula will bring back that initial euphoria, now long forgotten, of the first time you ran your hand over your freshly shaved leg only to feel the scratchy, painful bumps form five minutes later. Au contraire, it will leave the skin cool and soothed. Nothing says PRO like a freshly shaved pair of legs showing off that hard-earned sinewy definition. DZ Nuts Bald Leg Shaving Lotion will help turn what may have been your most dreaded grooming chore into five minutes of satisfying shearing.
Sale Price: $9.75
DZ Nuts InHeat Embrocation - 6.7 fl. oz. DZ Nuts InHeat Embrocation - 6.7 fl. oz.
Who doesn't love a massage' DZ Nuts InHeat Embrocation Cream will quickly become the pre-race rub-down that you will enjoy, even if you're stuck rubbing yourself. It has been formulated to be best used before rides or races where the weather isn't ideal. It warms and loosens the muscles so that you shouldn't suffer that creaky, sore-leg feeling those first ten minutes of a ride, no matter the weather. It also contains natural ingredients which create a protective barrier between the skin and any harsh cold or wet rain that may plague your day. InHeat employs natural vasodilators to help supply needed blood flow to the skin and muscles. Vasodilatation essentially refers to a dilation of blood vessels which increases the flow of blood due to a decrease in vascular resistance. The increased blood flow will improve your efficiency while exercising and keeping warmer and looser will protect you from injuring yourself by forcing tight muscles. Most of us have heard that our post-ride recovery relies heavily on how well we restore the glycogen in the muscles which has been depleted through exercise. But how many of us knew that glycogen is also depleted from the skin during the exertion caused by exercise and exposure to the elements' Using the DZ Nuts InHeat Embrocation Cream will introduce plant-based polymers which deliver bio-mimetic glycogen to the skin cells. Bio-mimetic simply means it is a human-made process which imitates nature. What it'll mean for you is your skin will not be sapped of its glycogen even on the coldest, hardest rides. And if you need further proof of the effectiveness, just look to the fact that Garmin and other professional cycling teams see the DZ Nuts InHeat Embrocation Cream as an essential tool for their training and racing. It is available in three various strengths -- low, medium and high heat.
Sale Price: $13.20

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