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ARVA Evo4 Starter Combo Kit ARVA Evo4 Starter Combo Kit
Before your first foray into the backcountry, make sure to pick up the ARVA Evo4 Starter Combo Kit. A solid Access TS shovel, user-friendly Evo 4 Beacon, and Light 240 probe are all included in this package to keep you safe out of bounds for seasons to come. With all the tools to handle dicey snow situations, the Evo 4 Beacon has a clip that turns the device on when you strap it to your body, a group check feature, and marking function for multiple victim emergencies. It also runs on alkaline batteries, has a 250-hour life for longer excursions, and the display is easy to read when time is of the essence. The Light 240 Probe quickly extends to 240cm for easy locating, and the TS Access shovel has an oval-shaped shaft made from tough aluminum for rigidity when you need to slice through snow and ice.
Sale Price: $277.46
Backcountry Access DTS Rescue Package Backcountry Access DTS Rescue Package
Peanut, butter, and jelly. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Beacon, shovel, and probe--good things seem to come in threes, and Backcountry Access is hopping on the trifecta train with the DTS Rescue Package, which combines the legendary Tracker DTS avalanche beacon, Stealth 240 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel to make sure you're fully equipped when you head into the backcountry. The Tracker DTS beacon is a legend, due to its simplicity, durability, and reliability. Clear and intuitive direction and distance indicators take most of the guesswork out of searching, and the easy-to-use multiple-burial mode is a key--if hopefully never necessary--feature. The DTS automatically switches to transmit mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, just in case the searcher has been caught in a secondary slide, and the large buttons make it easy to operate with gloves on, giving you one less thing to worry about in an emergency. The shovel and probe are far simpler but no less important; after all, you need all three to successfully locate an avalanche victim. The B-1 EXT shovel is compact and lightweight,with an telescoping aluminum blade and ergonomic T-grip handle. BCA upgraded the Stealth 240 probe this season, making the depth markings easier to read and giving it a stronger tip that penetrates dense snow more easily. And with its Quick-Lock hardware, the Stealth stows better and deploys faster than any other probe out there. While having a full kit is infinitely better than relying on dumb luck, please remember that beacons, shovels, and probes are NOT a guarantee that you will survive an avalanche; get educated, learn how to use your tools, travel with trustworthy partners, and be smart out there.
Sale Price: $296.95
Pieps Micro Avalanche Safety Set Pieps Micro Avalanche Safety Set
The Micro Avalanche Safety Set includes Pieps' smallest beacon, a versatile shovel, and an electronic probe with integrated low-range receiver that amplifies active signals from buried beacons. Despite a small size, the Micro Beacon maintains a three-antenna design and a moderate 40-meter range. Its display is just as large as Pieps' larger beacons, and it houses the standard features that you'd expect from a full-sized beacon including: self-check functionality, auto-antenna switch, group checks, and Bluetooth compatibility for updates. Apart from a low-range receiver, the Pieps iProbe II uses a target indicator to help detect active burials. While this definitely doesn't take away the need for adequate beacon search practices, the iProbe can help speed up pinpoint searches. It automatically turns off when folded, and measurement markings help with snow study. Also assisting with snow study is the clever Pieps C660 Shovel. A multi-tool of avalanche shovels, the C660 has an extendable shaft and hoe function to move heavier snow faster. The C-shaped handle accommodates bulkier mittens, and there's a bottle opener at the back for opening well-deserved brewskis after a big day in the backcountry.
Sale Price: $427.46
Pieps Pro Avalanche Safety Set Pieps Pro Avalanche Safety Set
No matter your experience in the backcountry, it's important to stay as safe as possible by bringing the right gear, and the right gear starts with the Pro Avalanche Safety Set from Pieps and Black Diamond. The Pieps DSP Pro Beacon features 3 antennas for maximum searching efficiency, since time really is of the essence. The aluminum blade of the Evac 7 Shovel cuts through snow with ease and helps you move large amounts of snow when you're digging out a friend or helping to shape a backcountry booter. Everyone knows that carbon fiber is awesome, which is exactly why this package comes with the Quickdraw Carbon 320 probe. Measurement markings on the probe come in handy for gauging snowpack depth and for use when digging avalanche pits as well.
Sale Price: $404.96

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