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Fischer Ranger 89 Ski - Women's Fischer Ranger 89 Ski - Women's
Patrolling the slopes is a tough job, but if you don't do it no one will, so jump on the Fischer Ranger 89 Women's Ski and make sure no one's pillaging the powder and grabbing the groomers before you spin a few laps in the name of quality control. The Ranger's the perfect partner for conducting all-mountain operations, with a versatile 89mm waist, snow-smoothing Freeski rocker, and a comfortable 17m sidecut that lets you vary your turn shape and be equally comfortable cruising or pushing the speed limit. Fischer built it on a poplar wood core, which gives you a firm and smooth-flexing platform for serious adventuring and used its special Air Tec Ti milling process to remove a significant amount of the core material, keeping weight down without messing with the flex.That's just skimming the surface of the 89's tech, though. Fischer's put a bunch of effort into designing what it calls Aeroshape technology, which concentrates the weight of the ski in the center, making it more resistant to torsional twisting, which can turn a solid carve into a scary, squirrely turn. The Carbon Tech layup keeps things stiff but smooth, and the carbon tip reduces the flap that can plague rockered skis. If that's still not enough for you, take heart in Fischer's women-specific mounting point, which sets your weight up closer to the front of the ski for easier turning, letting you save your muscles so you can spend more time ripping and less time resting.
Sale Price: $384.97
Fischer Ranger 98 Ski - Women's Fischer Ranger 98 Ski - Women's
There was a time when finding a women-specific ski was like spotting a unicorn, but as more and more companies realize ladies rip just as hard, if not harder, than dudes, women-specific skis just keep getting better every year. Need proof' Feast your pow-starved eyes on the Fischer Ranger 98 Women's Ski: a hyper-versatile pair of boards that'll take you from perfect corduroy to dreamy storm riding to bluebird bowls. The 98 shares a lot of characteristics with the men's ski of the same name, but a few key differences set it apart. Most importantly, it ditches the stiffer beech wood found in the men's ski in favor of poplar, which is easier flexing and serves up a smoother, slightly more forgiving, ride that's perfect for lighter skiers. Fischer also designed the 98 to be mounted slightly more forward (it calls the new design BMP, which just stands for binding mounting point) to make it easier to keep your weight forward, engage turns, and wiggle through tight trees and bumps.
Sale Price: $454.96

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