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Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Eagle 12 - M 95mm brake Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Eagle 12 - M 95mm brake
Thanks to its uniquely designed Diamir Gliding Technology, the lightweight Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Eagle 12 Binding gives you full backcountry touring capabilities with the security and performance of a sturdy downhill binder. The Eagle maintains full release capability, with a range of 4-12, in uphill and downhill modes for additional safety, and since the touring-mode release point is located at the heel, you can switch from touring to downhill mode without having to step out of the binder. Black Diamond also redesigned the pivot point, placing it directly under the toe for increased efficiency, so you can cover more ground with less effort, and have more juice left for the descent.
Sale Price: $351.96
Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro Binding -120mm Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro Binding -120mm
Fritschi set a collision course between alpine touring and freeriding when it released the powerful Diamir Freeride Pro Binding upon the ski industry. This touring binding accommodates a ski with a waist up to 120mm wide, and it flexes the lateral stiffness and robust build needed to keep up with such as ski. As fast up the hill as it is competent during burly, technical descents, the Freeride Pro will soon be the choice of seasoned vets and burgeoning powder addicts on a mission to explore far beyond the resort.
Sale Price: $449.95
Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Scout Binding - 95mm Brake Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Scout Binding - 95mm Brake
There's a lot to be said for lightness and reliability, but why waste words when you can take the Fritschi Diamir Scout Binding out for a spin and see for yourself' At 3. 5 pounds per pair, it's not quite as light as a classic touring binding, but it's not too far off, and the ease of use and reliability of release more than makes up for the few extra ounces. Unlike tech clamps, the Scout is fully DIN certified, with a maximum release value of 11, so you can push it harder without worrying about popping out, and it has a compact design that's engineered to provide killer power transfer and stability when you're driving wider skis. Of course, the Scout excels on the way up as well as the way down. The wide toe hinge is placed at the very front of the toe for an ergonomic and easy stride, while the four-level heel elevator lets you enjoy a comfortable and efficient climbing platform on flat, steep, and seriously steep skintracks. Fritschi also integrated a lock into the binding to prevent accidental switches into tour mode, which can have interesting consequences when you're ripping a wide-open line or teching your way down a tight couloir.
Sale Price: $319.96
Dynafit Beast 16 Binding Dynafit Beast 16 Binding
In the ski world there's an irresistible push to go bigger, faster, and harder, along with the desire to venture deeper and deeper off the beaten track in search of big lines and fresh snow. The quest for bigger and more remote lines requires more and more specialized equipment, and last year Dynafit lauched the Beast Binding as a serious weapon for freeskiers set on taking their talents to the backcountry. This year, the Beast is back, with a few tweaks that make it tougher, safer, and more reliable than last year's initial offers. The biggest difference is in the toe. While the new 16-release-value version features a toe cribbed from the Dynafit Radical, the 16's toe mechanism is quite similar to that of the original Beast--basically a beefed-up version of the classic tech toe. The hike-mode locking mechanism is unchanged, but the whole package has been mounted on a rotating baseplate, giving you more elasticity and retention than you'd get from a classic Radical. When you engage the ski/hike lever, it also locks the baseplate in place for easy and movement-free skinning. Apart from that, it's totally recognizable--four springs, two pins, and plenty of friction-free climbing movement. While the change might be most noticeable in the front, don't think for a second that Dynafit didn't improve the heel, too. It's been mounted on rails, letting it move slightly to accommodate ski flex, improve retention, and give you a more supple, less chattery ride than you'd expect from a tech binding. Spring-loaded pins provide a super-solid connection to the horseshoe heel insert (like last year, boots will need to be retrofitted to work with the Beast). Dual climbing risers give you the ramp angle you need to cruise up steep slopes. When the lower riser is in place, hard heel pressure will lock the brakes in a retracted position to prevent drag, but they'll snap back into place if you release on the way down. If you're that dude who's humping up 3,000-foot lines and hittin...
Sale Price: $359.98
Dynafit Dynafit Adjustment Plate - Low Tech Race Dynafit Dynafit Adjustment Plate - Low Tech Race
Dynafit Adjustment Plate - Low Tech Race
Sale Price: $79.96
Dynafit TLT Superlite 2.0 Brake Dynafit TLT Superlite 2.0 Brake
That extra time you saved on the ascent by going brakeless isn't going to do you much good when you're chasing your ski down the mountain after it gets away from you. The Dynafit TLT Superlite 2. 0 Brake attaches quickly to your Superlite 2. 0 bindings and weighs just under three ounces, so you won't feel like you just tied a couple of lead weights to your lightweight touring set up after you put them on.
Sale Price: $63.96
G3 ION 12 Binding with Brakes G3 ION 12 Binding with Brakes
We all know the skier who's tinkered with their tech bindings to try and make them burlier, more reliable, lighter, more ice-proof, etc. Sometimes the mods have worked, but most of the time they haven't, but they are almost always convinced that they've revolutionized touring each time they emerge from the garage. Unfortunately for tinkerers everywhere, G3's ahead of the curve and is starting to change the game with the new ION Tech Binding. It'd be hyperbolic to call it revolutionary, but the ION introduces a whole host of killer features without compromising the classic two-pin toe and heel tech design that's worked so well for so long.G3 started by giving the ION an adjustable forward-pressure setting, which allows 22mm of adjustment to ensure a super-solid connection between the heel of your boot and the heel piece of the binding, reducing vibration and helping to eliminate chatter. This gives the ION a smoother, less rattly feel than traditional tech setups and makes sure that it'll release consistently, but only when it's necessary (it's release values run as high as 12, if you're wondering). The mounting pattern is 33% wider than standard tech bindings, as are the toe jaws, making it easier to get power to the edges of wide skis and reducing vibration for a easier, more powerful ride in rugged conditions. G3 even built in a Boot Stop step-in guidance system, which employs two bumpers that let you settle your boot down in the right spot without trying and retract when you click into ski mode to stay out of the way.The ION crushes it on the way down, to be sure, but it'd be pretty worthless if it didn't go up like the dickens, too. Luckily it does, with thoughtful features like bi-directional heel rotation--no more forgetting which way is right and which left--and dual Quick-Flick heel lifts that are easy to manipulate with a ski pole. Maybe the best innovations are the toe piece's double snow-clearing channels under the jaws, which let you poke out snow wit...
Sale Price: $411.71
G3 Onyx Brake Set G3 Onyx Brake Set
After a tough bootpack up the couloir you prepare to ski down. Unfortunately, one of your skis wasn't quite as anchored into the snow as you had thought and decided to leave without you. Next time count on the solid and easy-to-install Onyx Brake Set to help stop your runaway ski.
Sale Price: $36.82
Marker Ski Crampons Marker Ski Crampons
Want to go where no ordinary mohair can take you' The Marker Ski Crampon has the edge, depth, and audacity to get you up just about any iced-over skintrack. The hike to the heavenly north facing goods can be treacherous, but the bird with crampons tends to get the worm.
Sale Price: $59.25

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