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Look Pivot 12 Dual Ski Binding Look Pivot 12 Dual Ski Binding
The Look Pivot 12 Dual Ski Binding is the kid brother of the legendary Pivot 14 and 18, but that doesn't mean it can't hold its own when the shredding gets serious. It features a lighter housing than its siblings, but still has the same famous Pivot heel piece and Full Drive toe that made the Pivot series legendary. The heel piece rotates directly under the tibia to provide consistent release in twisting falls, and the toe and heel have the most elastic travel on the market, which means the DIN can be set lower without risking premature release, so your skis will stay on and come off only when they should, letting you ski harder and safer.With a DIN that goes from 4-12, the Pivot 12 is a great choice for aggressive skiers on the younger and lighter end of the spectrum, or adult riders who want safety, security, and performance without having to invest in a super-rugged and aggressive binding. Look updated this binding to accommodate alpine ski boots with WTR rockered soles as well as the standard soles.
Look Pivot 14 Dual Binding Look Pivot 14 Dual Binding
The Look Pivot series is famous enough that it's entered into one-name celebrity territory--"Pivots, bro' Siiiiiiick!"--but the Pivot 14 Dual Binding is switching things up a little. Before you get your undies all in a bundle, understand that its essential character is unchanged. There's still the bombproof Full Drive toe, which offers 180 degrees of lateral release, and the turntable heel that pivots--see what they did there'--under your leg for knee-saving release and bomber retention. Likewise, the 27mm of vertical heel elasticity and 5mm of lateral toe elasticity are unchanged, so you can set your DIN at a reasonable level without walking out of your clamps when you shouldn't or breaking your leg when you should've released. What's different about the Pivot Dual, then' Look has designed it to be WTR compatible, so you can finally use it with the rockered boot soles that you love so much. Just give the adjustment screw a few twists with a screwdriver, and the Dual will accommodate WTR boots without any difference in retention or release, saving you from buying a whole new pair. Sound good' That's because it is.
Look Pivot 18 Ski Binding Look Pivot 18 Ski Binding
Getting the first chair on a powder day is like catching a unicorn, but you did it, and now you have the honor of laying down the first line in a big, beautiful bowl filled with the softest snow of the season; the last thing you want is your ski to fall off on the first turn, so keep it strapped to your boot with Look's solid Pivot 18 Ski Binding. With an 8-18 DIN setting, the Pivot is as burly (or as soft) as bindings come.Look made the Pivot completely out of metal, with plenty of innovations to keep this clamp solid season after season. The full action toe piece works with the turntable heel to provide 28mm of elastic travel and deliver shock absorption. More specifically, that means this binding strengthens boot-to-binding coupling by 14% and provides a more efficient power transmission, enhanced steering, and control by 10%, There are seven points of contact, as opposed to the standard five, to drive more power to the ski. A short mounting zone makes this binding easy to install, and it reduces swing weight, improves response, and deepens your ski's flex.
Look SPX 12 Dual Binding Look SPX 12 Dual Binding
Recently upgraded to WTR soles only to find that they didn't work properly with your current bindings' Sweat not, amigo, because Look's new SPX 12 Dual Binding is designed to do exactly that, so you can rip in your favorite boots while you're digging Look's legendary elasticity, rugged retention, and reliable release. With a DIN that goes up to 12, the SPX is perfect for aggressive intermediates and lightweight experts, with loads of heel and toe elasticity so you can set your DIN lower and reduce the risk of injury without compromising retention. The bombproof toe serves up 180 degrees of release, so you'll be covered during almost any fall, and the SPX's ability to work with both alpine and WTR soles means it's the only clamp you'll need all season long.

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