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Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod - 4-Piece Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod - 4-Piece
Even the most expensive sports cars don't have the saliva-starting aesthetics of the Redington 4-Piece Vapen Red Fly Rod. This sleek quartet of futuristic carbon fiber comes together to create a singularly sweet piece of fast-casting action when you're moving off small streams and into big bodies of water. Red where your hand holds the rod signifies a bold break from the norm, leaving cork behind. Ribbons of high-density carbon fibers are first wrapped inside the blank and then counter-wrapped on the exterior of the blank to increase power, stability, and vibrational dampening. Firing sidearm loops into trees is surprisingly tight and clean, and striking the sweet spot some 50-60 feet is even easier. Load 'er up and toss a few bombs without sacrificing touch for power. Instead of traditional cork handles, the Red reaches for the tech that has kept golfers grinning. Wrap your hand around the Winn non-slip polymer for a softer handle that doesn't get slippery or too hard to hold as the day wears on. Alignment dots take away any uncertainty when it's time to put together your angling weapon. Handle options let you choose half-wells, full-wells, fighting butts, or just an ordinary extension. When you're done for the day, keep the Red ready in the included cloth storage bag.
Sale Price: $209.97
Sage Bolt Fly Rod - 4-Piece Sage Bolt Fly Rod - 4-Piece
When high winds blow crippled mayflies along the far bank, big trout pushing 20 inches will feed aggressively on the struggling bugs. And while the fish may be rising, making a decent cast, let a lone a good one with winds like this can be next to impossible--unless you're casting the Sage Bolt Fly Rod. Replacing the award-winning Accel in Sage's lineup, the all-new Bolt is an ultra-fast rod designed to cut through headwinds whether you're throwing streamers from the bow of drift boat, chasing saltwater species, or trying to hook that trout sipping crippled baetis flies on the far bank.Made with Sage's Generation 5 technology, the blank is composed of a graphite hoop material and a carbon/resin composite--this gives the Bolt its stiff, tip-action feel and the backbone to push flies through obnoxious head winds. The bolt is available in weights ranging down to freshwater four- and five-weights all the way up to a saltwater-specific eight-weight. Four and five weight options feature a snub-nose half wells cork handle with a rosewood insert and up-locking reel seat, while weights ranging from six to eight will have a full wells handle, fighting butt, and anodized spacer with up-locking reel seat. Every rod in the lineup has a classic looking salmonfly color blank with a rich looking orange thread wraps with a black trim. Svelte looks aside, the Bolt is a fast-action rod that will cater well to the angler who prefers a light, stiff, and responsive feel, or the angler who is looking to add a powerful rod to their arsenal of rods to cast mice, large dries, and big, meaty streamers, wind or not.
Sale Price: $390.00
Sage SALT Fly Rod - 4-Piece Sage SALT Fly Rod - 4-Piece
Sage's new offering of the saltwater-specific SALT Fly Rod provides anglers with the precision and power needed to land bones, tarpon, and permit all in the same day. In what Sage is calling its salt-action, the Salt fly rod boasts a fast action designed specifically for saltwater fishing along with a high line speed to make those long, and often difficult, presentations to skittish bone fish in the flats. Slightly more robust than its predecessor, the Xi3, the Salt is specifically built to stand up to big fish when you need to steer them away from a stand of mangroves and to punch heavy flies through wind while still delivering an accurate and precise presentation. Since the Salt features Sage's Konnetic Technology, you can rest assured that you'll be able to effortlessly drop your fly right where it needs to be from 50 feet out without spooking the fish. The Salt also features a burlier fighting butt, as well as heavy-duty, stealth black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat. An integrated hidden hook keeper gives you a place to secure your fly when you're on the move, and the included electric blue aluminum rod tube ensures your rod makes it to your destination intact.
Sale Price: $595.00
Wright & McGill Co. Essentials Practice Rod - 2-Piece Wright & McGill Co. Essentials Practice Rod - 2-Piece
Reduce the amount of time you spend fishing your flies out of the trees and brush that line the river by perfecting your casting technique with the Wright and McGill Co. Essentials Practice Rod. This 4-foot practice rod can be cast in your backyard or garage, and it comes with 30 feet of practice line so you can get the feel for line whizzing around your noggin before you tie a razor-sharp hook to the end of it.
Sale Price: $24.32

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