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Zipp Contour SL Carbon Handlebar

item #ZIP0225
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Zipp Contour SL Carbon Handlebar
Zipp Contour SL Carbon Handlebar description:
The Zipp SL Contour bar isn't designed to meet the specific requirements of the sprinter, or the climber, or the tourist. It is shaped, instead, to be an all 'rounder bar so that no matter what terrain you are riding, your hands will find a comfortable position. The tops of the bars have been flattened, which not only provides a comfortable surface area to rest your hands, but they also are more resistant to road vibration than traditional round bars. And for the subtle advantage, the flattened bars are also more aerodynamic. The hooks are ovalized, which provides a wider grip for your hands. The overall shape of the bars is Zipp's short and shallow bend. This configuration means that the distance between the hood and the drops has been reduced to make the transition easier -- the drops become more usable than on a more traditional lower drop bar.

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