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Zipp SL Speed Carbon Stem

item #ZIP005M
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Zipp SL Speed Carbon Stem
Zipp SL Speed Carbon Stem description:
Zipp doesn't hesitate to extend their craftiness beyond their signature aerodynamic wheels. This SL Speed Carbon Stem is a prime example of Zipp's quest to reshape bike componentry from the bottom up. The most notable aspect of this stem is its ethereal lightness. Zipp uses exacting construction standards and some forward thinking to maintain the same top-notch level of performance and durability you'd find on their other go-fast products, without sacrificing lightness. The SL Speed Carbon Stem has rearward facing stem bolts, similar to what we've seen on Oval stems in the past. On Zipp's design, the bolts thread directly into a two-piece carbon/titanium faceplate. On the backside, the single-bolt steerer clamp appears standard in every way, but Zipp found, through product testing, that normal fasteners don't always seat properly in their bores when the clamp is torqued to spec onto the fork steerer tube. To fix this, they added self-aligning washers to ensure positive contact between the stem and the shoulders of the fasteners, which also enables the construction to be completely carbon. The Zipp SL Speed Carbon Stem uses uni-directional carbon fiber, laminated in such a way as to have exceptional torsional stiffness to resist twisting when you're really cranking on the bars in a sprint or uphill.

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