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Zipp Vuka Aero Center Cap Kit

item #ZIP003M
Price: $70.35 Buy Zipp Vuka Aero Center Cap Kit
Zipp Vuka Aero Center Cap Kit
Zipp Vuka Aero Center Cap Kit description:
The Zipp Vuka Aero Center Cap Kit is built to bridge the gap in front of your stem to complete the speedy airfoil profile of the Vuka Integrated Aerobar. Made with Zipp's impeccable carbon fiber design, this little cap cuts a lightweight and stiff profile to reduce drag and add reinforcing stiffness to the Vuka aerobar system. This cap is the key to the Vuka's ability to pair with a standard stem while still delivering exceptional aerodynamics. It's meant to compete with single piece bar and stem systems by providing a seamless transition between two-piece bar and stem setups. For ease of maintenance, the Center Cap is easily removable to access front stem bolts for adjustments or stem replacement.

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