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Zipp Decal Set for 202

item #ZIP002J
Price: $20.00 Buy Zipp Decal Set for 202
Zipp Decal Set for 202
Zipp Decal Set for 202 description:
You spend the holidays dutifully eating only the celery garnish -- not the ham -- and the mint leaf embellishment -- but never the plum pudding that it decorates -- because you know that any extra calories you consume in the off-season become just so many extra grams you have to carry up the mountains come spring. Though your eating habits are ascetic, that doesn't mean you don't have a penchant for a bit of vanity flair on your ride. Liven those ultralight Zipp 202 climbing wheels up with the Decal Set for 202 rims. The decals come in multiple colors to match your kit, tires, or the tape on your bar's drops -- but not the flats, which should remain tape-free, as those extra grams could undo the weight you've saved by avoiding the office donuts every Friday for years.

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