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Zipp Service Course Handlebar

item #ZIP000B
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Zipp Service Course Handlebar
Zipp Service Course Handlebar description:
Using the same tapered diameter as its carbon counterparts, the Zipp Service Course Handlebar goes from 31. 8mm at its central clamp down to 24. 2mm at the top bend. This tapered diameter lends an intuitive shape for high levels of comfort. Its durable 6061 aluminum construction retains brawny strength at the expense of a few grams over carbon bars. If counting every gram isn't your foremost priority, you'll find these bars to excel in performance without emptying your wallet. The Ergo version features a 70mm reach and 128mm drop, with a 10-degree ramp angle and 4-degree outsweep. The net effect is a bar that places your shift/brake levers in a high, easily reachable position, without compromising your hand position in the drops. Its dual-radius curve gives you a longer, flatter hand surface that's similar to an anatomic bend, but with a more subtle, less curvy shape. Plus, its ergonomic shaping facilitates comfortable hand placement along the top side. The traditional version comes with an 80mm reach and 125mm drop, with a 7-degree ramp angle and 4-degree outsweep. This creates a bar with a modest drop with a bit more curve in the transition leading up to the hoods.

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