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Yeti Cycles 800 Carbon Handlebar

item #YTI008L
Price: $160.00 Buy Yeti Cycles 800 Carbon Handlebar
Yeti Cycles 800 Carbon Handlebar
Yeti Cycles 800 Carbon Handlebar description:
Made with Yeti Cycle's highest grade carbon, the 800 Carbon Handlebar puts lightweight, responsive, and durable performance in your hands that's more than up to the task of charging hard all over the mountain. Carbon fiber construction provides a responsive handle that navigates tight tree sections with pinpoint precision, while also soaking up harsh vibrations on fast descents to prevent wrist fatigue from cutting your ride short. Accommodating your aggressive downhill riding style, the nine-degree backsweep and 5-degree upsweep give your wrists a natural, neutral position for lasting comfort, while the 20mm rise promotes a more upright position to meet the needs of white-knuckle enduro rides.

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