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Yeti Cycles 740 Carbon Handlebar

item #YTI008I
Price: $160.00 Buy Yeti Cycles 740 Carbon Handlebar
Yeti Cycles 740 Carbon Handlebar
Yeti Cycles 740 Carbon Handlebar description:
Crafted with Yeti Cycle's highest grade carbon, the 740 Carbon Handlebar delivers lightweight, responsive, and durable performance that's just as adept at handling all-day, all-mountain adventures as it is at handling hard-charging, white-knuckle DH runs. Exceptionally ergonomic, the nine-degree backsweep and 5-degree upsweep give your wrists a natural, neutral position for lasting comfort, while the 20mm rise promotes a more upright position to better serve your aggressive enduro riding style. Not to mention the fact that the vibration damping properties of the carbon fiber fight off the onset of wrist fatigue to let you squeeze in a few extra laps.

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