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Yeti Cycles Summit Gloves

item #YTI002D
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $17.47
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Yeti Cycles Summit Gloves
Yeti Cycles Summit Gloves description:
Wrap your paws in lightweight, protective style with the Yeti Cycles Summit Gloves. Boasting durable yet breathable fabrics and extra ventilation, these gloves are perfect for warm days when you still want a bit of protection. Yeti uses a light but tough fabric across the back to wick moisture away and adds perforations across the palm for extra ventilation and cooling power. Silicone grippers across the thumb, palm, and first two fingers allow for impeccable control whether you're scrubbing speed or ratcheting through the cassette. To cap things off, soft paneling at the thumbs lets you comfortably wipe away sweat and trail goobers on the fly.

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