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Yokozuna 1.6 SS Brake Cable - Road

item #YOK0003
Price: $10.00 Buy Yokozuna 1.6 SS Brake Cable - Road
Yokozuna 1.6 SS Brake Cable - Road
Yokozuna 1.6 SS Brake Cable - Road description:
While the shifting action of Yokozuna's Reaction Cable Set is indeed impressive, their compressionless brake housing makes for equally high performance braking. The housing is quite different. Stiffer than most others, it works in tandem with their top quality stainless steel inner wires to create braking feel and power that is above and beyond. And should you need a replacement inner wire, the Yokuzuna 1. 6mm Stainless Steel Road Brake Inner Cable is exactly what you'll need. You've ridden the best, so you should expect the most from your replacement parts. The Yokozuna Brake Wires are wound from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel and are 1700mm in length. They are sold as singles, buy two for one bike. They are available for Campagnolo and Shimano/SRAM.

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