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Syncros RR1.0 Carbon Aerobar/Stem 420

item #YNS000Z
Price: $399.99 Buy Syncros RR1.0 Carbon Aerobar/Stem 420
Syncros RR1.0 Carbon Aerobar/Stem 420
Syncros RR1.0 Carbon Aerobar/Stem 420 description:
With its integrated stem and drop bar design, Syncros' RR1. 0 Carbon Aero Bar/Stem 420 is the ideal platform for a clean, clutter-free cockpit. Syncros' use of unidirectional carbon in the bar's construction stiffens the RR1. 0 without adding additional weight, creating more uniform strength throughout and less likelihood of stress points. The RR1. 0's carbon construction also dampens road vibrations, working with the flat tops to combat fatigue in the hands and arms over time as you grip the bars. The entire RR1. 0 line takes most of its inspiration from traditional drop bars, but Syncros takes comfort into concern and does add a slight ergo shape to the ends. This works to reduce fatigue and create a more stable platform in the drops than a completely rounded shape, especially while tucking into an aerodynamic position in a race. The 80mm reach and 130mm drop keep the bar/stem combination as a versatile option, and with a claimed weight of just 400g, it's a worthy capstone to finish any race setup.

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