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Syncros XR1.0 Carbon Stem

item #YNS000N
Price: $119.99 Buy Syncros XR1.0 Carbon Stem
Syncros XR1.0 Carbon Stem
Syncros XR1.0 Carbon Stem description:
Dialing in the ideal fit of your handlebars is key to enjoying your time on trails, and Syncros makes its XR 1. 0 Carbon Stem for XC and trail riders looking to do just that. The stem is constructed with lightweight, durable 7075 aluminum that's reinforced by an outer layer of carbon fiber for added rigidity. It has a low stack height for riders who aren't looking to raise their handlebars excessively. As it does across its line, Syncros includes its efficient four-bolt face plate design on the XR 1. 0 to evenly distribute stress the stem will face from roots, rocks, and technical trails, and the design also requires far less clamping forces to secure the stem than older two-bolt designs.

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