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Yankz Sure Lace Shoe Lace System

item #YKZ0001
Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $6.79
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Yankz Sure Lace Shoe Lace System
Yankz Sure Lace Shoe Lace System description:
We all learned how to tie our shoes, and it's a pretty easy task. That said, when you're racing a triathlon, tying shoes in transition is a waste of valuable time. Yankz' Sure Lace Shoe Lace System secures your shoes with a simple, yet adjustable system. Constructed from strong elastic cord, the Sure Lace system is used in place of standard laces. They thread into the eyelets of your running shoes and lock in place with a sliding adapter. They are easily adjustable from both the toe and tongue ends for a customized fit that holds your shoes securely against your feet. The Yankz Sure Lace Show Lace System is available in one size and in the colors Pink/black, Green/black, Baby Blue, Black, Reflective White, Fluorescent Yellow, and White.

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