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YETI Rambler Bottle - 36oz

item #YET000Z
Price: $49.99 Buy YETI Rambler Bottle - 36oz
YETI Rambler Bottle - 36oz
YETI Rambler Bottle - 36oz description:
For argument's sake, there's nothing more gnarly than lukewarm coffee with cream when you're frozen to the bone in the blind. However thanks to the Yeti 36oz Rambler Bottle your hot beverages stay toasty and your frosty ones stay chilled until they're long gone and you're pining for more. Designed with a hardy stainless steel exterior, the Rambler is equipped to take on all variations on the theme of adventure while the No Sweat design and Double Wall Vacuum Insulation keep your beverages cool and bottle perspiration free. Not to mention, the Rambler's Over-The-Nose construction makes sipping shnoze-free and easy to clean.

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