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Yes. Public Snowboard

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Yes. Public Snowboard
Yes. Public Snowboard description:
Frank April's thick French-Canadian accent may be hard to understand, but the smooth moves he lays down in the streets with the Yes. Public Snowboard are easy to enjoy, even to the untrained eye. A stable flat profile, twin shape, and pop-enhancing core profiling help him get it done when he's battling tricks in the park or the city. The profile is flat to make it more forgiving than a camber board without making it too squirrely, resulting in a board that allows for stable landings and locked-in boardslides. The tip-to-tail poplar core offers a lightweight and lively feel, and it's also profiled so it's thicker just outside the binding area to flex where you want it and to add strength where you need it. Flat nose and tail kicks help you balance presses and pop ollies, while the blunted tips reduce swing weight and a twin shape allows for easier switch takeoffs and fakie landings. Plus, the extruded base is easy to repair after you ding it up in the streets or the park.

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