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Exped Scout Combi UL Hammock

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Exped Scout Combi UL Hammock
Exped Scout Combi UL Hammock description:
With the Exped Scout Combi UL Hammock, you're able to glean the same, dependable protection as you would if you were sleeping in a tent--but with a slightly elevated twist. The Scout is a generously-sized, one-person hammock for ultralight backpacking or wanderlust travels. More specifically, it's fashioned with a breathable, yet protective 15D no-see-um mesh that defends you against skeeters, horseflies, and gnats alike--without impeding breathability and therefore your comfort. Additionally, it also features a durable, water-resistant tarp (guylines and cords are included) that safeguards you from errant moisture, bird dookie, or light precipitation. An internal mat sleeve ensures that your sleeping pad stays put, so you're able to glean a good night's rest and carry on with your journey come dawn.

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